The boy next door (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Kyleigh is running from her Ex boyfriend James. He hits her and she is tired of it. Thats when Louis comes into her life.

She was walking down the street coming home from meeting up with James to tell him off, but he got physical. So when Louis saw her arms, He got protective of her. Will they stay together or will James ruin everything.


21. back together again



 I sat outside her room for who knows how long, I told her I would sleep here all night if I have to and it looks like I do. It was dark in the house and all the boys went home. So I’m outside her door all alone. This is kinda scary, I mean you don’t know if someone will come inside the house and with me right here it helps me know that Ky will be safe. The next thing I know is that I woke up to light and a blanket on me. When did this get here. I got up and looked at Ky’s door, it was still closed, I went up to her door and lightly knocked. “Ky, can I please come in and talk to you.” I didn’t get a response, so I asked again a little louder. “Ky, may I please come in and talk to you.” I heard noise on the other end of the door, then the door opened. “For 5 minutes, thats all you get.” Ky told me bluntly.


 I looked at her and saw what I did to her. I hate this look on her face, its like she doesn’t even want to hear what I have to say. Maybe this is how she felt after Jack kissed her and I ran from her telling her never to speak to me again. I walked into her room and sat on her bed. “Ky, I’m so sorry for over reacting. Just please forgive me, I should have never done that. Granted I was mad at something you couldn’t really help because you are so beautiful. I know now after Zayn explained it that he didn’t give you the chance to pull away or anything like that. It just hurt that he would do something like that so I took it out on you. I am so completely terribly sorry I did this to you again. Please forgive me.”




 I looked at Louis and saw that he did mean every word he said. But how am I suppose to forgive him when he is just going to do it again. “Louis I....” “Before you say anything, let me show you how sorry I am, okay.” “Fine.” He walked out the door and came back in with a guitar, and started singing.




 “You know I’ve always got your back, girl


 So let me be the one you come running to, running to, r-r- running


 I see it’s just a matter of fact, girl


 You just call my name I’ll be coming though, coming though, I’ll keep coming


 On the other side of the world, it doesn’t matter I’ll be there in two,


 I’ll be there in two, I’ll be there in two I still feel it every time


 It’s just something that you do


 Now ask me why I want to


 It’s everything about you,you,you


 Everything that you do,do,do


From the way that we touch, baby


To the way that you kiss on me


It’s everything about you,you,you (everything about you)


The way you make me feel new, new, new


 Like every party is just us two


 And there’s nothing I could point to


 It’s everything about you,you,you (everything about you)


Everything about you,you,you (everything about you)


 Everything that you do, do, do (everything about you)


It’s everything about you.”


 “Ky, I wrote that song for you. Please forgive me.” I looked into Louis eyes and saw tears. I started to have tears in my eyes. How could I not forgive him for this song. I wanted to be mad at him so badly, but to see him like this, made me melt inside. I ran to him and crashed my lips on his. “Never make me go though this again, just because your jealous.” I told him after we broke apart. “I promise babe, I love you so much.” “I love you so much too Louis.” I crashed my lips back onto his and forgot why I was so mad at him.


 I heard a knock on my front door and unfortunately I had to get up and get it. I looked to my window to see it open. Thats really strange, Louis must have left last night. I got to the door to see the boys all there. “We heard about you and Lou getting back together, we kinda stole him last night, he’s at his house.” Zayn told me, I smiled at all of them, and told them I would be over soon. “Don’t be to long or we might have to come though your window again.” Harry told me being all cheeky. “Promise.” I ran up the stairs and got ready.


This should be fun. I looked out my window to see Louis looking in. I rolled my eyes and yelled out the window, “Take a picture it lasts longer!” and stuck my tong out at him. He did the same and took out his phone and I heard him ligitly take a picture of me. Wow, didn’t think he would take me up on it, so I posed and he took another. “Haha, your so cheeky boy!” “Me, what about you miss model!” I shook my head and ran for the bathroom and finished getting ready.

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