The Avengers: The Newcomer

Meet the newest Avenger, Rosabella. Well, maybe not. Only being apart of the vigilantes team because of her 'accident', Rosabella, more commonly known as Rosie, has now got to not only adapt to the powers given to her through the nuclear explosion, but has to adapt to being known as someone she is not.


10. Taking Action


I felt desperate as Rosie was dragged through the door, where were they taking her? Would they murder her? Why was he saying this? He knew better than to fall in love with those who he worked with. But there was something different about her, and it wasn't having special abilities.


  Through the door she went and I burst into action. Man after man I shot to make my way to the door. I blew it right off. Nothing was outside anymore, the man had moved out, taking Rosie with him. Why would the leader of the Maggia, Sampson White, want to even be near a rickety old warehouse anyway? There was only one solution. The Maggia were planning something - something big and something probably very dangerous. Why else would the leader risk his life to meet up with his men? And why else would he risk it to take Rosie with him? There was something big going down.


  The rest of the Maggia men had fled, and Captain was shaking down some of the slower ones. I opened the Mark 42's helmet slowly; I needed a breath of air. I came to two conclusions; the Maggia were either going to right away kill Rosie, or use her against the rest of the team. Either way, I knew I wouldn't be able to stand up against them. She was such an astounding young lady, her smile, her laugh....


  I was awakened from my thoughts by Steve, who had finally returned. I could see that he was shaken up about them taking Rosie, but this was the norm to him.


  "She knew the risk, same as you and I. She made the mistake of not staying vigilant and she's paying the price now." He paused. "I just hope they can't pry all the information she knows right out of her..." He shook his head, warily.


   I knew this was just protocol, but I still was worried. Steve tried to remind me that SHEILD had the most advanced computers on the planet, they would find her. That gave me a thought. SHEILD didn't have the most advanced computers on the planet, I did! (Or so in my mind, I did, as I was the one that designed most of the helicarrier's systems.)


    I nodded Steve off, and I took flight to Stark Towers. I had work to do...


I woke up, feeling hungry, and yet, still in bonds. I rolled my emerald eyes. I thought that I, a person with super strength, could just tear apart these annoying holders, but to my dismay, they were very strong, stronger than I.


    I realized I was famished, and was feeling as if my body was a desert in a year-long drought. I looked around sheepishly. Much to my surprise, my vision was blurred slightly. I knew that could only be from malnutrition.


    I was in a cell room, about 7 feet by 7 feet, with one wall that wasn't completely brick, but it only had large metal bars, about 3 inches thick. I was shackled to the far wall, and in my condition, I could hardly move, let alone even think about escaping. I sighed hopelessly. Was this the end? Was I really going to die from starvation? From thirst?


    I was almost in tears, when I heard a heavy door slam and loud footsteps approaching my cell. I dropped my head. Maybe showing a little defeat right now wasn't the worst thing to do? Three men stopped outside my door and eyed me, annoyingly. I looked up and tried to scowl. I must have looked like an idiot, but they saw I still had some spirit to go on, left inside of me. They all shared a crimson smile and walked away.


  That was the second day without anything, total isolation.


I got home. I searched every bit and corner and ever gigabyte of information any federal government had on the Maggia. There was nothing about hideouts or secret bases or anything. I slammed my fist at the wall in frustration.


  "Mister Stark, someone is at the front door to see you, sir." JARVIS informed me. I looked up. Who wanted to see me right now?


  I clambered up my stairs, to the front door. Standing there patiently was Happy Hogan. (Happy was probably one of my closest friends, not to mention the head of security at Stark Industries, and an all out fun guy) He looked at me and said,   "Sir, there's someone - or something trying to hack the Stark systems. I have the scientists trying to stop it but..." I knew where he was going with this.


    "But there is nobody there smart enough to stop and take down and break it all down, right?" I finished for him. He nodded. I took a deep breath. I didn't need a distraction from my attempting to find Rosie right now! But I knew this was for the best of the company. I ushered Happy inside and scampered to my computer. Indeed, there was a powerful virus skimming through the firewalls. Easily enough, though, I stopped it. I am a super genius, of course, aren't I?


  I wasn't able to track the signal or where the virus was coming from, because I released it too early. I didn't see anything wrong. People tried to hack the systems all the time, but none could get past me. Super genius Tony Stark.


    The second sun went down.    



Hi guys (: how do you think its coming along? Sorry if some of the paragraphs didn't make sense, my computer messed  up all my spacing, so i had to redo it all, and I'm hoping I did ok. Anyways what did you think? I had like absolutely no writers block on this chapter, YAY!!! anyways, Im getting ready to introduce a new charater, what should [they] (not giving any hints about them yet lol) be like? COMMENT!! And thanks for sticking around allllll thwe way to this chapter :3 bye bye now!!!)

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