The Avengers: The Newcomer

Meet the newest Avenger, Rosabella. Well, maybe not. Only being apart of the vigilantes team because of her 'accident', Rosabella, more commonly known as Rosie, has now got to not only adapt to the powers given to her through the nuclear explosion, but has to adapt to being known as someone she is not.


8. Going Home


Today was not the best day.


Tony came in late, it was my first mission today, and I officially hated my room.


First thing on my to-do-list was get some color in my room. Those walls were far too bare for me. 


I had granted permission to go to Home Depot. I was given a budget and a time to be back, and I was off. I was actually sort of surprised; Fury was trusting me to go out and about all alone.


At the shop, I got electric purple, pink, blue, and green shades of paint. I was planning on painting the base purple, and splattering the rest of the colors over it.


I got some bed sheets, pillows, a bean bag seat, and a side table. That would be enough for me, I wasn't really planning on going all out on the room.


Next thing to do was put my room together. I made it back to the heliport with plenty time to spare, so I decided I was going to be able to decorate my room right now. I removed everything into the hallway and with Steve's help, painted, changed, and rearranged my lofty room. It looked great. 


After this, Tony finally showed up. I guess he'd gone to some sort of party or premiere the night before and was still slopping around. I ignored him for the beginning of the day.


Since Tony was just barely getting himself pulled together, Steve and I had a few hours to kill before our mission. We did anyways. 


The mission was that SHEILD had intercepted a Maggia (one of the more well-known gangs of the city, specializing in weaponeering and black market trading across America, Canada, and key central areas in Europe, like Germany and France) meeting at an abandoned warehouse. Steve, Tony, and I were going to suit up and either take down the Maggia, or find out what they're planning and bring in the whole team.


I felt somewhat special that I got to work with my two new friends. Steve and Tony were two people even SHEILD agents didn't get the chance to work with. I got to see them and work with them (and Natasha, and Clint, and Bruce...) daily.




At about 2 in the afternoon it was time to go. We had all gotten suited up (earlier in the week I had receive my uniform, somewhat looking like Natasha's, but a lot more sleek and flex.) I really liked it actually. It was really nice. I don’t know how they did it, but it fit me perfectly, somehow.


To me, this was rather should have just been called “Getting ready” but to Tony and Steve it literally meant suiting up. Steve’s spangled outfit was something not commonly worn, and Tony, although he wore it very often, like it was a casual outfit, truly did have to suit up into the Iron Man armor. He was wearing a new, finished prototype of the mark 42. An actually finished prototype.


I had never been on a plane before I came to SHEILD, let alone a high speed, super advanced and armed jet belonging to the Strategic Hazardous Enforcements, Interventions, and Logistics Division. It was amazing! On the way over, though, was awkward. “You need to be armed, because we don’t know what’s gonna be going down.” Steve said, taking me to the back and giving me two small pistols, some throwing knifes, and a grenade. I was frightened.


“Why do I need to be all armed? Because, seriously, I don’t even know how to fire it really.” I complained cautiously. Steve just laughed at me.


“That’s why we’ve been working with your training all week. Remember?  You and Natasha worked with shooting and targeting.” He reminded me. I didn’t know he knew I actually had done work with weapons.




Hey guys :) how do you like this so far? I'm really excited about the next chapter, I have it already planned out!! Not written yet, but almost done planning it and pulling it all together. This one was just kinda pulling all the loose strings together, so we have a pretty bow:) and I got to see Iron Man 3, and that's why I added in the Mark 42 detail in there;) what do you think? got an idea on where it should turn? Comment, favourite, and like thanks <3

~Sandy =D

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