The Avengers: The Newcomer

Meet the newest Avenger, Rosabella. Well, maybe not. Only being apart of the vigilantes team because of her 'accident', Rosabella, more commonly known as Rosie, has now got to not only adapt to the powers given to her through the nuclear explosion, but has to adapt to being known as someone she is not.


7. Explorations

Even though I lived in the city, Tony took me to explore the city. I hadn’t exactly figured out where we were until now. In the outskirts of New York, New York. (I soon learned that we weren’t going into the official heart of the city because it made Tony skittish and unruly, because of his past experience there…) I had just assumed we were floating over some random SHEILD private city full of cool stuff…


      I had never gotten the chance to explore the farmlands and agricultural areas around the outside of New York ever. I had never even gotten to venture outside the city throughout my life, because my mother and father thought it was bad luck to travel outside about a 100 kilometer radius out of your home. They had the exact distances and everything about how far to travel around. Dad was born in Minnesota, and mom was from Colorado, so it very confused me how they got to the suspicion of travel.


      Amazingly, there was a lot of prosperous farmlands outside the city. Whenever I was told or thought of the words “New York” I thought of getting robbed, mugged or something of that sort, not agricultural expertise. Tony knew all about this stuff.     After about an hour of exploring around, meeting new people, making up lies to confuse people, and a few taken pictures, Tony and I came to a small, tranquil park. The grass was sleek and green, and gardens surrounded the perimeter. It smelled wonderful (yes, visiting a very nicely taken care of park, that was quote romantic, I thought of the smell. I have always been drawn to good smells and scents.) Butterflies and ladybugs were everywhere in the lawns and the boxed gardens. Tony picked me a flower, that I smelled lusciously and smiled. “Thank you, it’s amazing.” I breathed. He smiled. I never noticed how amazingly cute his sleek little grin was, it made me want to smile even more; to smile even more? Is that possible?


     Tony looked down, laughing lightly. He was at least 6 inches taller than me, so event then he had to look down at me. I was actually pretty short, and all of a sudden, standing here beside Tony, I noticed this. I was not initially “short” but Tony made me feel that way. Was that a good or bad thing?


  When we got back to base, it was about nightfall. Tony jumped in one of his high-class cars and went back to his New York shoreline home. I went back to my small, helicarrier room. Life was good. When I was growing up, I had my own room, but it was nothing glamourous. It was a make-do attic room, that had had a cool latter to get up that I could pull up and everything. Most kids would have thought that was the weirdest room and the worst ever, but I loved my separation from everything.


My SHIELD loft - I wouldn't quite call it a room, it reminded me a lot of my attic room. There was a bed with white sheets, and two cute little pillows. Everything was white, it almost felt like a prison. The only non-white thing in he room was the small black surveillance camera hung high in the corner. This made it feel oddly like a prison. 

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