The Avengers: The Newcomer

Meet the newest Avenger, Rosabella. Well, maybe not. Only being apart of the vigilantes team because of her 'accident', Rosabella, more commonly known as Rosie, has now got to not only adapt to the powers given to her through the nuclear explosion, but has to adapt to being known as someone she is not.


4. Dumbfounded Me.

In comic books I'd read about superheroes. On the news I saw the Avengers take down aliens. I laughed. Me? An AVENGER? Not a likely fit. I really am not the superhero type. I'm a loner, you could say. I've always believed in being a normal person, that's why it was rough when mom died... and now dad was gone too. 


Mr. Stark and Mr. Fury watched me as I looked around in fright and confusion. I couldn't guess anything but they knew my reaction would be something of this sort. If I were a super genius or a super spy I think I would learn right away to read the obvious, and it was pretty obvious I guessed that I was super dumbfounded. 


Then it hit me; Mr. Fury never specifically said they were going to make me into a superhero. Something inside of me leaped for joy! But then again, they hasn't said I wouldn't become apart of the Avengers as well. There was no good way out of my situation.



They were still standing there watching me when I popped the question. "So, what are you going to do with me?" I pondered. Mr. Fury laughed, like my question was some kind of joke. I scowled angrily at his reaction, but this made no difference to him. Was this all a game? A boardwalk for his enjoyment? I expected not, even through my anger. After his laughing fit, Mr. fury finally answered my question. 


"You'll probably be trained to become a part of Progect Avenger. Since the government has no need for misfits like you, Doctor Bruce Banner, To-" Mr. Stark cut him off, knowing what he was going to say next, and finding that offensive. I frowned. So they were going to make me a part of their little Avengers project. I couldn't decide whether to be depressed or excited. I chose both. I mean, come on. Down sides: a lot: Up sides: a lot. It was either way a win, lose situation.


"Misfit? That's a little rude..." I started, but quickly cut myself off, realizing in my head that I now truly was a misfit in the world. Maybe about 50% misfit, but I was still a human being. I sighed. "I know what you're going to say." I continued "that I am a misfit and that I need to have a place and purpose in the world and that it should be using my power for good and all but..." I stopped sadly, knowing that where I was going with this conversation. I really had no way good to go with this, so I just stopped.


"I know what you are going through, and I understand that you're scared." Tony said, quietly. "But it's better to be straight with it and to not worry." He continued. "Being an Avenger, it isn't that scary." He admitted, but I could hear the lie behind his voice, confidence was something he lacked in this subject. I thought back to when I watched the footage of the Avengers in New York. How he risked his life to save the city... I suddenly realized that I was going to be someone willing to risk it, and take that chance.


i slowly and surely nodded. "Ok." I murmured. "I'll do it." I said, not with much more confidence.

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