The Avengers: The Newcomer

Meet the newest Avenger, Rosabella. Well, maybe not. Only being apart of the vigilantes team because of her 'accident', Rosabella, more commonly known as Rosie, has now got to not only adapt to the powers given to her through the nuclear explosion, but has to adapt to being known as someone she is not.


9. And They All Fall Down

(Quick Note: be prepared for this chapter, a lot's goin down right nowz....)


  The jet ride was amazing! I have never had so much fun! (After we got the gun thing all figured out; I just accepted the firearms and stopped complaining.) Me and Steve were talking strategy, Tony stayed quiet, thinking I guess.   "What's up with Tony? He's usually so loud... And annoying..." I snickered precariously. Steve stopped his funny act, and suddenly became very serious, a grim look entering his eyes.


  "I don't even understand why we are being so irritant... We're going into a fight, one we may not win, and we are laughing and enjoying everything..." He shook his head, startled. I had never thought about it that way. Now, I was frightened.  


Tony was right, we were going into a mission we might not come out of, he had every right to be quiet. I felt bad. I sat down beside Tony and put my arm around him. The armour was cold, but I didn't mind at all.   


"Are you... afraid?" I asked in a simple whisper. Tony looked over at me. There was simply no emotion in his face. In his eyes, there was a burning will of something... was that desperation?  


"No." Tony answered then, shortly after my asking. "I'm not afraid." He continued, pausing. "I have armor to protect me. I am just worried." He carefully admitted. I turned my head and looked into his deep, brown eyes. Worried about what? He didn't look to be in a conversing mood, so I backed off.


    We were over the drop point. It was about 7 or 8 PM I assumed, seeing that the sun was going down, but wasn't quite down yet, still lingering in the orange sky, painting a picture in fall shades, that told a silent story of resurrection. I began to feel a tingle of fear, but I pushed it away. I had survived a bombing in a nuclear plant. Was this any different, any worse? I couldn't imagine it really was. My fear was washed away in a sea of steady confidence.


    Off the plane we all swooped in one fluid movement. Or at least Steve and I did. Tony kind of just swooped down in as fluid of a movement a large suit of armor can make. It was sort of comical to watch him attempt sneakiness.  


Steve was in charge of the ambush. "Rosie, you and I are going in. Tony can't sneak in like you and I can." He ordered. I quickly nodded. "Tony, you're watching our thermal signals. Any trouble comes up, you've got to be there for us." He continued. Tony nodded and gave him a thumbs-up. "Okay. The meeting should start any minute now. Rosie, ready?" He asked me. I nodded certainly. We swept in an unlatched skylight, into the creepy old building.  



We couldn't hear much from the high room beams we overlooked the meeting from, but Steve recorded everything. I paid as much attention as I could, but always, since I was little and came to work with my dad, hated listening to business talks, got bored, and stopped listening. I started paying attention to two guards fighting pettily in the back of the room. I was somewhat bored. I thought with this being an ambush attack and all, there would be more action.


    But then, everything took a horrible turn for the worst.


  I was sitting there, preoccupied, when I heard a shot fired, and just felt myself falling from the high bars. I had to have fallen at least 30 to 40 feet from the roof, before I hit the concrete floor - hard. The air was knocked out of me, and I groaned painfully, cringed up on the floor in sudden shock. When I realized what was going on, me and Captain were surrounded, by men - with big guns. Loaded, big guns. Captain had been ready for everything, and had landed on his feet easily. I felt pain in one specific place. I had been shot in the side, which had caused me to fall from the beam. Blood flowed out steadily, freaking me out a bit. I grabbed my side and stood. Pain was seen in my face, and looked at as a weakness to the Maggia.


  Everything happened so fast. I remember seeing Tony swoop down from the roof in a stampede of rubble and I saw guns being shot. Captain was no longer beside me. I swiped for my gun but to no avail. These guys were good, and had me down on the floor in two seconds flat, and back up in someone's strong arms again in three. My arms were stuck behind my back, and I was laid up against a person, a knife held at my throat.


  Everything became silent. The fighting between the group, Tony, and Captain stopped. No breathing could be heard from anyone in the room. I saw everyone stop and look at me and my captor. "Move." The man toyed. Tony tried taking a step toward me; I felt the cold blade sneak its way closer to my skin. "I dare you." The man taunted carelessly. Tony stopped. Through his mask I could imagine his face; full of desperation and fear.


  I wasn't afraid. I knew what was going to happen, and I wasn't afraid. Maybe it wasn't here, maybe not now (which in the long run, I was happy it wasn't done in this moment, I knew that would leave me enough time to see Tony and Steve's reactions, and that itself probably would have killed me.) I was lucky, I thought.


  Slowly, but surely, me and the man backed out a conveniently placed back door, nobody else in the room making any effort to move. I knew this man was a mercenary, and wasn't afraid to press his blade ever too close to my neck. I was thrown in a car, blindfolded, and hit hard in the head, getting knocked out. From there, I knew I was in some major trouble. What kind of trouble, I wasn't sure of, but it was bad.


    I was someone of somewhat importance. I knew a lot about SHEILD's secrets, the Avengers secrets, and a lot about nuclear science. A lot that was lost in the blast. I was someone of somewhat importance.


    So I stayed alive. For the moment.




I woke up, finally. I was in a new location, but still in bonds, and carefully placed strategically for an interrogation. Two, large, burly men stood guard over me. They were both actually nicely dressed, in proper, trimmed grey suits and gangster flat hats. The Maggia, being weapon dealers, obviously had no trouble with money. Why wasn't I surprised.


    I had remained conscious for about an hour before anything really exciting happened. A nicely dressed man came it, dressed better than the others. He surveyed me for a moment. I almost felt self conscious, because he looked so nicely dressed and groomed to perfection.


  He had a nicely done, perfectly fitting, expensive looking white suit on, and dark ray-band glasses covering his eyes. He had lines on his face showing age, but didn't look especially old. He had long, yellowish fingernails, that raked my face precariously. I swiped my head away, strangely pulling away from the man's disgusting nails. I scowled angrily and narrowed my eyes. He had a long gash-looking scar running along his left cheek, all the way up to his eye.


    He looked me over like a popular high school girl would look over a boy. "Hello, mi amora." His curling voice said. I cringed. For being well known and being a rich cartel, he obviously couldn't afford toothpaste. Then I remembered my bleeding side. I looked down to see my diaphragm wrapped in white medical tape, but had about a nine inch long stripe of crimson red running down the left side. 


  My face turned from a scowl to a grimace of fear. I squirmed around in a paranoid fashion. The man swiped his hand around my neck, déjà vu much? I squandered around aimlessly until I was losing air and knocked out again. Huh, third time this week. Man, I obviously am one... lucky girl. Lucky, lucky, lucky me.


    Even through me being knocked out, or suffocated, take you pick, my mind was wide awake. I was thinking of escape plans, ways to contact my partners, and some other weird stuff, like if I was going to be able to take a shower here, because I smelled quite gnarly. But the main thing I was thinking, was if I don't escape, if I don't get away, what are they going to do to me? That question was one I pushed aside, because I was afraid to find out the answer to it.


  I knew I was probably going to be used as an information giver, a decoy, bait, then probably executed to rouse the Avengers and SHEILD. Hmm... What a wonderful way to go. This week was already getting better and better. 



  (AUTHOR'S NOTE: What did you think? A LOT happened, I guess you could say. I just wanted to right away pick up, because I'm really excited about how the next chapter's plan is looking... It sounds amazing and I'm really excited to start working on it!! Anyways, how was it? Comment? Like and favorite if you love me <3 lol jk :P Thanks for reading to this point love y'all's!!)

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