The Avengers: The Newcomer

Meet the newest Avenger, Rosabella. Well, maybe not. Only being apart of the vigilantes team because of her 'accident', Rosabella, more commonly known as Rosie, has now got to not only adapt to the powers given to her through the nuclear explosion, but has to adapt to being known as someone she is not.


3. After I Was Knocked Out With Something Hard I....

I finally woke up from my blackout. It couldn't have been too long ago, I was still breathing kind of hard from my rampage around the building. Who was the mysterious man I saw outside? I truly didn't know. 


Just then the door opened and Mr. Stark (I had decided to call him just Mr. Stark, not Tony or anything funny because of his authority and... Stuff...) walked in followed by the mysterious guy. I quickly sprang upward and looked at the two men. I finally got to see the mysterious man's face. He had a black eyepatch and dark skin. He wore completely black with a long trench coat. I squinted at them distrustingly. "No need to make faces, Rosabella. Do you go by Rosabella? Do you know?" The mysterious man asked.


"No, I go by Rosie, sir. And yes, I think I would know what my name is." I retorted. He smiled; it was a creepy kind of smile, one that made me want to frown, so I did. 


"Okay. So then," pause "do you know why you're here," pause "...Rosie?" He tone was questioning, but there was a hint of mistrust in it; it irritated me. I frowned deeper.


"No." I slowly, and cautiously admitted to the guy. "No, I really don't." I took a breath and paused. "But I'm sure you know why I'm here" I added in a sneaky tone. "And I'm betting it has something to do with my all-of-a-sudden ability to smash doors down and outrun anyone, pretty much." I said, more declarative that questioning.


"Indeed we do." We? Oh yeah, Tony's here too. "And I'm not completely sure you really do want to know how that.... power... Came to be in your possession." The man said. I chuckled, unreasonably. He gave me a stern, angry look. "Is there a problem, Miss?" He questioned.


 I was still vaguely laughing when I answered. "No, it's just... Something odd." I admitted. "You know more about more about me right now than I do." I chuckled again, then straightened up when I saw the two men's faces. Surprisingly (I say with sarcasm) they were not amused.


"First if all, nobody knows you better than yourself." Tony said, finally speaking up to us. I looked at him, and studied him interestingly. He wasn't the man I had always seen on the television, talking to the press or at a benefit dinner for charity or Firefighters (<--- see what I did there? :D) or something. This was a serious man, who had seen more than words could truthfully and fully tell. I was... intrigued...


"After the... accident" The other man started after a moment of silence. "Well, let's put it this way; you were the only one we found not burned to death" he explained. My heart plummeted. The man who raised me, loved me,  and had always cared for me, was dead, worse put, burned in a pile of rubble. I felt my eyes trickling slightly, but I held my pains in. "We took you in and found you alive - but also dead." He went on. My tears turned to interest. "The nuclear acid has taken over a part of your brain that is causing you to be stronger, swifter, more aerodynamic...."


"And faster" Tony finished for him. "All the research and the conclusion was thanks to me, Fury, so your welcome." He grumbled. Fury? As in Nick Fury? Super spy Nick Fury? This wasn't the thing bothering me; what was bothering me was the fact that I was in a room with two of the world's most important people, scientifically. But then realization hit me; how was I living, but at the same time I was dead? And super powers? No, this isn't the life I  should be living...!

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