This book is about a girl named Lilly as she is
With her friend at the mall all she can remember
Is hearing a familiar voice than blacking out
She done finds out that the pepole who had apparentily
Kidnapped her were her idols one direction
Harrys mission is to make Lilly become his girlfriend
And will stop at nothing to do so will he get out of controll?
What will Lilly do who will she pick? Read the book
To find out:)
Ray xx


4. why me?

Lillys P.O.V



I looked up at him he looked like he was crying so I asked why , and he just pointed at me and told me to tell him what happened, so.... I did.

so it all started when we headed to starbucks when we ran into group of people one of the guys and in the group pushed me down and sarted to  take off my clothes.... and all of the girls includeing harry..

started to beat me up on the street in frount of EVERYONE,,,,

I was soooooo  embarrest  then harry finally took me home and literally threw me on the floor... I couldn't take it anymore I kept thinking in my head.., why me? what have I done/ all I did was go out with some friends and next thing I know  I was on the floor sobbing in the Liam's chest.  Then I started to thinkam I really in lovr with "the Liam Payne"

I knew what the answer was.......

OF RSE I mean why wouldn't I love him he was always there for me and most importantly.....

he made me feel worth the world.. , but.......how would I tell him that. he was right there........... " Liam, I-I love you.....




Liam's P.O.V



            " I love you to Lilly, will you go out with me?"

I was nervous I didn't know what she would say......

"YES!!!!!!!" she said , "I mean yeah... sure that's cool...."  I laughed she was so beautiful with her long blond wavy hair

flowing perfectly and her beautiful blue eyes........ she was...............Perfect!...completely perfect

then someone knocked at the door , it was Niall I hated him I did not want to see him after what he did to Lilly. I pushed him and he pushed me back he grabbed Lilly and started to kiss her right in front of me.............

but you wanna know what the horrible part is.......

she wasn't trying to stop him....at all

I got sooooo mad so I took her by the arm and I slapped her... I felt horrible as soon as I did it. I had no control.....

then I saw Lilly she ran away and ran as fast as she could down the street...she was afraid of me...

what have I done.




    Lilly's P.O.V



 I ran as fast as I could I was truly scared not of him...I guess, because of everything and the only reason I did not move away from Niall was because I knew if I did he would kill Liam and now all because of fucking Niall ,

the one person I trusted........

hit me.

I was out of breath, oh how I soo could of used a bottle of water.

I looked behind me ant there was nobody so I started walking then I heard a voice...........


it was Chad my school bully  I was super scared of him so I ran but before I could get away, he grabbed my arm and pulled

me into a kiss.

out of the corner of my eye I saw someone standing there..., watching us, it was...




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