This book is about a girl named Lilly as she is
With her friend at the mall all she can remember
Is hearing a familiar voice than blacking out
She done finds out that the pepole who had apparentily
Kidnapped her were her idols one direction
Harrys mission is to make Lilly become his girlfriend
And will stop at nothing to do so will he get out of controll?
What will Lilly do who will she pick? Read the book
To find out:)
Ray xx


6. Thankyou

Lilly's POV 


Harry please dont hurt me I said in a in steady voice 

"I'm not that bad of a person he said hugging "wtf yes you are" I said 

"ok so I was thinking and I desided I felt bad so I came to apologize so yeah oh and one more thing, I-I love y- Yankee candles lets go buy one. He said picking me up was he ok?


Harrys POV 


I love Yankee candles what the hell was wrong with me I know it probably sounded retarded but I couldn't tell her I loved her I needed to make it special. But how was I suppost to do that I'm not good with that romantic shit. What ever. I'll figure it out soon. She was shaking in my arms as I held her god if I hadn't been such a jackass she wouldnt be scared ofe. 

I kissed her forehead and I stroked her back "everything will be ok I saw what happened Liam's a jerk I won't hurt you ever agian" I said followed by a kiss on the.cheak. She smiled at me and said thankyou I loved her smile it was beautiful and perfect just like her. 

Why did I have to screw up something that could of turned into a goodrationship    

We arrived home and I sat her on my lap and we layed together on the couch. I crataled her in my arms and stroked her back. "everything will be ok". "promice?" "promice" I said kissing her cheek. ThankyOu for not hurting me this time she said smileing I returned a your welcome and then I kissed her. Nose and began to sing little things in her ear before we both fell asleep. 

I woke uP first. As I was looking at her I smiled. She was so beautiful everything about her.  She was perfect. " I love you Lilly" geez it was much easier to say it to her when she was sleeping. I was debating on weather I should tell her   When I heard her say, " I love you...liam" 

She still liked him. Of course I hate this, the only way to get rid of Liam. For good. 

Louis where Is Liam?" I asked looking innisont.  "at the park about a block down from here 

  "perfect" I said secretly slipping a knife into my pocket and running out the front door.  Poor Liam will never see it coming I said out loud. "wait w-what?" I turned around and there was Niall with tears running down both his cheeks. What have I done. 

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