This book is about a girl named Lilly as she is
With her friend at the mall all she can remember
Is hearing a familiar voice than blacking out
She done finds out that the pepole who had apparentily
Kidnapped her were her idols one direction
Harrys mission is to make Lilly become his girlfriend
And will stop at nothing to do so will he get out of controll?
What will Lilly do who will she pick? Read the book
To find out:)
Ray xx


5. Please don't hurt me

 Lilly's POV 

I tried to push chad away but he grabbed me and kept on kissing me 

When he finally let me breathe I bolted for Liam. I didn't care if he would be mad at me bit in a way I felt safe in his arms, well safer then if I was In chads arms. Anyways to my surprise Liam didn't push me away instead he scooped me up and carried me bridel style he started running to get away from chad. " wait why arent you mad?" 

I asked kind of nervous "becouse in a way I know you didn't want to do that but I decided to let you tell your side of the story ok?" umm yeah" I said shocked that he wasn't mad. 

I just stood there staring into those beautiful brown eyes. He was perfect I loved him so much I mean who wouldn't


Liam's POV


I was starring at her I looked in her eyes and I knew she didn't do it I could just tell. So I broke the awkward silence that was among us by saying sorry I looked at her worried about what her response would be I mean I did slap her. "I-it's ok she said with a shaky voice, shit. She was scared of me , I knew she was she always studers when she is scared. What do I do? I mean what am I suppost to do?


Lillys POV 


" umm I can walk the rest of the way by my self " I said wondering if he would even allow me out of his sight after all that's happened. 

" fine.  But don't come crying to me when something happens to you becouse you know what Lilly I tried livening you and you return your "love" you have by cheating on my twice FUCK YOU" he said storming in the opposite direction. I collapsed I couldnt do this I layed in the street crying my eyes out when I saw a famillier face. Itwas Harry. "Harry I said shaking please don't hurt me?"

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