This book is about a girl named Lilly as she is
With her friend at the mall all she can remember
Is hearing a familiar voice than blacking out
She done finds out that the pepole who had apparentily
Kidnapped her were her idols one direction
Harrys mission is to make Lilly become his girlfriend
And will stop at nothing to do so will he get out of controll?
What will Lilly do who will she pick? Read the book
To find out:)
Ray xx


3. love?

 Lilly's P.O.V


the first thing I said was, "I love you too" as soon as I said it I saw him smile, his eyes were still red from crying he then sat on the bed beside me "so..." he said.... awkward.

"ready to get some..... I heard Louis say before coming in, Liam was not in the room he went to the bathroom  so I could not do anything to stop him ,

he slammed me down and started to kiss me, then thrusted two fingers inside me, I screamed,

it really hurt. I saw the door open and Liam came out he saw Louis raping me and screamed,

" HELL NO" he ran over to Louis and punched him in the face

I could not believe what was happening Liam pushed Louis out and punched and kicked him out then locked the door behind him. 'are you ok?!?!?!?" he shouted I wasn't ok, I just got raped by one direction......well, not all of them , but I could not let Liam know that he would hurt them, I hated to see him mad, it honestly scared me to be honest.

he layed on the bed and took me in his arms he took the cover and put it over us, he stroked my back and kissed my hair,

as I shacked in his arms he started humming little things in my ear. I loved it, he made me feel special I wanted to stay

like that in his arms....



Liam's P.O.V


I loved lilly, I really did as I held her in my arms I could see that she had fallen asleep, I still could not believe that I had hurt Louis, I just could not see him hurt such a sweet inisant girl, why were they doing this to her , what did she do to deserve,.....

nothing, she did nothing , and that is what made me really , really angry,

if Lilly was not asllep in my arms I would have got up and I would of beet the shit out of them I was soooooooo

mad at all of them , I never thought that they would EVER hurt a inisant fan,

EVER! , when iwoke up Lilly was gone, shit! I jumped up and slamed the door open , I saw Lilly ,

she was tied up to the bed in harrys room there was duck tape on her mouth, she was crying , harry was just about to enter her when I started running tward them to stop them after I tried to get them , a hand grabbed me , it was Louis , he punched me and grabed me and through me into the bedroom and shut the door and was locking it from the outside , I could not do anything to stop what harry was about to do , I had no control.

I just sat there and I could feel the tears starting to roll  down my face, I did not try to hold them in, there was no point to.

as my door opened there stood Niall , sick bastard.

I then asked, "where the hell is she",?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? Niall then said, "Harry took her for a little walk"

I calapsed on the floor I cried and cried and cried,

then I heard Niall  laughing, I heard the door open, I ignored it I went to bed I could not do anything so I slept until dinner was ready, when I woke up I saw Lilly in the corner with her head buried in her hands , she was sobbing her lungs out , a girl should never have to go through that.



Lillys P.O.V



I was woken up but a slap> of course it was harry, of course, he grabbed me and walked me out the door, as I struggled to get away ,  he held the knife up to my neck and screamed "behave!!!!!" with a smirk on his face we walked out the door............



Liam's P.O.V


there was one thing I noticed about Lilly as she sat there up against the wall , I walked over  to her and I asked " Lilly are those bruses... a - and.....scars? I knew they where right after I said that she looked up and she

started crying A LOT LOUDER! :(



hey guys! I hope yall liked the chapter soooo sorry it was short I will update really soon  feel free to tell me what you think plz tell me , what do you think she got the bruses from , there will be a suprizeing twist in chapter 4 Lilly will tell the rest of her story and what happed PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL  ME ONE THING you want me to do if you leave your name I will try to put it in the story I garenty every name will be in the story at some time THX! xx Ray :)

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