This book is about a girl named Lilly as she is
With her friend at the mall all she can remember
Is hearing a familiar voice than blacking out
She done finds out that the pepole who had apparentily
Kidnapped her were her idols one direction
Harrys mission is to make Lilly become his girlfriend
And will stop at nothing to do so will he get out of controll?
What will Lilly do who will she pick? Read the book
To find out:)
Ray xx


1. Broken

Lilly's POV 

i put on my red  slim dress and some red high heels and a peel necklace and I had a boat load of makeup on to hide my uglyness when I walked in the club I saw my best friend and her sister waiting for me she was smileing and signaling me over and we were looking and pointing out the boys we thought were cute and a guy cougar my eye I pointed out a tall guy with curly brown hair and green eye and the cutest dimpl......, wait no It couldn't be him no it couldn't, all these questions were flowing through my mind like a stampead of wild bulls I walked over to my friend and all I remember is a voice then silence and darkness I couldn't feel nor  heat anything I knew I had blacked out so I opened my eyes , I was in a large house and I really needed to pee so I looked around for the bathroom when suddenly I saw the Harry styles In front of me what do you think your doing he said sturnly I froze he then pushed me in a room and slapped the shit out of me I had know idea what  was going on and y the fuck he wanted me so bad.


Harrys POV 

i turned took at a beautiful girl with  blone hair and blue eyes all I could think about is how much I wanted and needed her  so I grabbed Zayn and told him my plan so Zayn quietly aprotched her and punched her hard he than lifted her up and carried her into our house, when I saw her wondering around I got raged I don't really know why but I was really mad so I planed to hurt her do I did




Lillys POV 


I was on the bed and he was on top of me the Harry styles was on top of me and I didn't want him to be? Wow, never thought I would ever say tht ever , I panicked I slapped him  and ran but he was really strong I could get away he grabbed me and up zipped my dress I managed to scream , what the hell are you doing?!?!?!? He then replayed what the fuck does it look like I'm doing he said with rage in his eyes I was now in my underwear and bra I couldn't BELIVE what was happening harry styles was about to....... 


Hey guys sorry  the chapter is a little short I will update this tommarow you will love this next chapter love y'all 

Xx Ray





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