Ready for a New

Jacob is in 8th grade. He is forced to be the outside, awkward kid. He can thank his parents for that. He says he is ready for something new, but we'll see about that.


3. Wyatt's house

"Wyatt, I can't even tell you how tired I am of being at home. I need to do something and actually have fun for once in my life! Be free!" I say to Wyatt as we walk along the street next to the park.

"Well going outside shirtless won't, make you feel more free!" He says back to me with a crazy grin on his face. Wyatt is a curly haired boy with glistening blue eyes. He always seems to get more girls and he's smooth with lines and is very athletic. His smile makes everyone around him happy. I've always been extremely jealous of Wyatt, but he's still my bestfriend. 

"Maybe not, but I might get more girls," I say jokingly. We walked to his house across the street to get some of his clothes because of how cold it was outside. I stood in his room wearing blue jeans and a Coldplay tee shirt. 

"Who died?" He asked as I sat down slumped and gloomy. 

"I just needa to get out more. You know how I feel? I feel like an antisocial homeschoole." He looked at me with a troubled expression, then his crazy old smile came onto his face. 

"I got an idea," he said. 

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