Ready for a New

Jacob is in 8th grade. He is forced to be the outside, awkward kid. He can thank his parents for that. He says he is ready for something new, but we'll see about that.


5. The party

Wyatt's a party animal. I'm not. But in my head I knew that if any night would be good to let go, it's tonight. We decided we'd walk to kileys house. By the time we were a block away we could hear the music thumping and I was starting to see people outside talking. You could tell from three blocks away the party was straight crack. 

"Get your game face on! We're gonna get the babes tonight!!!" Wyatt said and slapped my butt. I saw a few people I knew here and there but overall I felt like an outsider. Me and Wyatt walked right into the door and the halls were crowded with people. Everyone was dancing and getting down. Straight ahead I see kiley and my heart stopped. Wyatt saw me go cold. "Go make a move dog! What's the worst the could happen!" He ditched me and went to go grind with some hit girl. I was on my own. 

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