Ready for a New

Jacob is in 8th grade. He is forced to be the outside, awkward kid. He can thank his parents for that. He says he is ready for something new, but we'll see about that.


4. The idea

"....what are you thinking? Cause I am up for almost anything right now" I ask him. 

"Well... There's a party at kileys house, you know the really awesome softball player from school? Short, black hair?" 

Of course I know who she is... Everyone does and wyatt knows I have a thing for her. I don't think she's ever noticed me though. "Yeah I know her," is all i can say, with an odd feeling coming into my stomach. 

"It ends at 2am, so lets go!!" Wyatt says with his party face coming on. After you've been friends with him for as long as I have, you realize 2 things, he gets all the chicks and loves a good party.... 

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