Ready for a New

Jacob is in 8th grade. He is forced to be the outside, awkward kid. He can thank his parents for that. He says he is ready for something new, but we'll see about that.


1. Something...better than nothing.

Cold, dark and lonely. Those are a few words I would use to describe the apartment home that my parents keep me locked up in all day. My name is Jacob Williams. I am a talk, dark haired 8th grade student at the most ghetto school ever, John Muir. I spend all the week focusing on school, and all weekend suffering at home. It was a Saturday night. Early that day my parents had refused to let me go with my friends to a movie on this perfect sunny day. I lied in bed feeling particularly frustrated by how the day had gone by. I looked over at my digital clock right as it flashed to show the numbers 11:00. Finally I decided that I was tired of doing nothing all the time. I got the courage to call my best friend Wyatt. "Hey Wyatt, meet me at the park across from your house in 5 mins"...... 

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