Ready for a New

Jacob is in 8th grade. He is forced to be the outside, awkward kid. He can thank his parents for that. He says he is ready for something new, but we'll see about that.


2. Actually going

I quickly jump out of bed, grab my vans, and go to the window. I try to open it as quietly as possible, the loudest creeeak comes out every time I pull more. I hear footsteps down the hall. I pray it's not my parents listening to this, and its just the old nanny walking to the bathroom. I finally open the window and climb outside. I realize, I am free. Free to do whatever I long as I didn't get caught. If my parents got me, I don't even know what would happen, I can't imagine it. I run down the dark street with no shirt on... Hoping no one sees me, I climb over the old rusty fence and into the park. I catch a glimpse of a dark shadow on the other side of the park, Wyatt. 

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