heyy these are just some poems i wrote hope you like them please tell me what you think:)


5. Friends

A/N heyy my teletubies im just saying that this poem sucks i just wrote it in frustration with one of my ex friends i'm not sure if this is even a poem or why i'm posting this but eh why not? and if anyone dousn't mind me shareing my problem to them please say so because i really need someone to talk to and i don't really wan't ot to be someone i know...


You see there is a big diffrence between best friends and just friends,

 Best friends will be there till the very end ,

 Through the ups and the downs,

 And arn't afraid to act like clowns,

 Then there are just friends,

 Out of my life they can easily wend,

 They are like a second option,

 Sort of like an adoption,

 When people can't have a kid,

 Adoption is what a lot of people did,

 Anyways I'm getting off topic,

 Friends care is microscopic,

 do you see that little spec of dust there? ya thats it yup,

 One little fight can ruin your friendship,

 And for some reason it feels like a whip,

 Everybody goes through it,

 And if you havn't yet trust me it feels like shit.

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