heyy these are just some poems i wrote hope you like them please tell me what you think:)


7. Dustin<3

so i wrote this poem for my crush and i know i'm not supposed to like you but i cant help it.


we slow danced really close,

 with my head on your shoulder.

a feeling from my stomach arose,

 and i got a little colder,

 but you kept me warm,

 while we danced to the song,

 i confused my mind for a storm,

 while we both danced along,

 to the music that was playing,

 it was like i was in one of those fairytales,

 wait what am i saying!,

love always fails,

 and you proved it to me,

 you were a jerk,

 why couldnt i see,

 past that little smirk,

 you moved on,

 while i pretended i did,

 im trying to stay strong,

 hoping my feelings stay hid,

i dont think i miss you,

 but more of the feeling of being loved,

 you blew all my walls down,

 well more like shoved,

 the walls that i've spent years putting up,

 finally got knocked down,

surrounding me like a shattered cup,

 we have to stop playing around,

 i finally got woken,

from this dream i wished so bad to flee,

 i am broken,

 you broke me,

 i wished you knew,

 the qualities you lack,

 but i miss you,

 please come back... 






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