heyy these are just some poems i wrote hope you like them please tell me what you think:)


6. But Daddy I Still Love You...

I feel his hand across my face,

 I fall to the ground,

 Soon I'm gonna leave this place,

 I try not to male a sound,

 He kicked me in the side,

 And started screaming at me,

 This all started when mom died,

 I wonder when he's going to see,

 All this pain that he's caused,

 He yelled "you stupid little bitch!"

 I feel like everything around me is on pause,

 "You are a little witch!"

 He punches me in the face,

 I whimper in pain,

 My leg hits the table base,

 He has gone insane,

 I wish he remembered I'm daddy's little girl,

 Now he gets drunk every night,

 He always called me his little pearl,

 Now all he wants to do is fight,

 He slammed me against the door,

 I wonder when he will get the clue,

 He leaves me laying on the floor,

 I whisper"But daddy i still love you..."



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