Good Girl Gone Bad(Harry Styles Fanfic)

Allie Sanders

The biggest nerd in her high school

Harry Styles

Your normal stuckup bully.

Tyrica and Viv

The new girls. One look at them and you already know they're badass.

What happens when Tyrica and Viv push Allie to make some changes? Will Harry be able to handle the new Allie? Will he actually fall for her? And her for him?

Watch as Harry learns one thing:

Never underestimate a girl gone bad.


1. What I Like To Call Hell On Earth

I walk through the hallways of Dawson G. High, in my usual depressed mood. I'm Allie Sanders, and I'm known as the biggest nerd in the school. Here and pretty much everywhere else I'm alone, since no one wants to talk to the "nerd girl". As a walk through the hallways, I notice everyone"s in their own little groups. There's the bookworms, who always have their nose in a book, or talking about one. There's the drama queens, who are always into stuff like Shakespeare and are always read between the lines. There's the goths too, who never cease to wear black and are brooding and dark. I look over to my left and find the obsessives, gushing over some new boy band. They are always reading, talking about, or writing about the newest boy bands. There's the wannabes, who are always following the new trends in hopes of being popular. And last but not least, there's the 3P crew, or in other words, the prissy, popular, and perfect people. They pre tty much rule the school. I pass by them in the hallways and try my very best not to be noticed by a particular person in the crew. Lucky for me, I fail and Harry notices me. "Well if it isn't nerd girl!", he sneers, walking over to me and blocking my way. "Where do you think your going?", he says in a menacing tone. "To class.", I mumble as i try to push past him. He pushes me back roughly. "Whoa, nerd girl.", he says, sounding angrier by the minute. " Don't you have any respect?", he growls, his eyes getting darker by the second. Before i can muster up the courage to say anything, the bells rings. Harry frowns and takes a step back. "Your lucky I have to go to class, nerd girl.", he says. I practically run past him and go into class. That was Harry Styles, the leader of the 3P crew. With those beautiful green eyes and that curly brown hair, you'd think he came from heaven... until you actually talk to him. He's really the devil in disguise. I sit in my usual seat, which is in the very back. Once everyone's seated, the teacher starts her lesson, and i take notes. 5 minutes later two girls barge in. One has dark brown hair with red highlights. She was wearing what looks like one of those motorcycle jumper suits and black high-heeled boots. The other girl had jet black hair and a bang. She was wearing a tight black shirt, black skinny jeans, a black leather jacket, and a black ,fingerless, studded glove with studded leather boots. All in all, they looked pretty bad ass. "Your late.", the teacher says, frowning. The girl with red highlights shrugs. The teacher sighs and says "Why don't you introduce yourselves?", to the girls. They turn towards us. "I'm Viv.", the girl with jet black hair says. "And I'm Tyrica.", the girl with red highlights says. They then walk to the very back of the of the class and sit by me, not even waiting for the teacher to tell them to. I shift uncomfortably, not being used to having people so close to me. I notice Tyrica pop a piece of gum in her mouth and start chewing. The teacher notices her and frowns even more. "Can you please not chew gum in my class?", she says. Tyrica just stares at the teacher, blows a bubble, and give her the most intimidating look I've ever seen in my life. The teacher gulps and resumes her lesson without another word. I gawk at Tyrica, absolutely amazed. How can she have that affect on people? Viv puts her feet up on the desk, sit back, and takes out her phone and starts texting. The teacher sees her, but keeps teaching her lesson. Her too? I decide to snap out of it and continue taking notes. Soon class is over and I'm walking out of class when Tyrica and Viv come up to me. Oh, just great, I hope their aren"t looking for trouble. "What's your name? ", Viv asks. "Allie.", I mumble. Tyrica smiles. "Well aren't you the shy one.", Tyrica says, eyebrows up. " Hey why don't you show us around the school? We could use the help.", Viv says. I look up, surprised. Me? I nod slowly and Viv smiles. "Well, lead the way.", she says, stepping back and holding her hand out. I walk ahead of her and Tyrica, and they follow. Well this is going to be an interesting day.
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