Good Girl Gone Bad(Harry Styles Fanfic)

Allie Sanders

The biggest nerd in her high school

Harry Styles

Your normal stuckup bully.

Tyrica and Viv

The new girls. One look at them and you already know they're badass.

What happens when Tyrica and Viv push Allie to make some changes? Will Harry be able to handle the new Allie? Will he actually fall for her? And her for him?

Watch as Harry learns one thing:

Never underestimate a girl gone bad.


5. We're Not Done Yet

"I look incredible!", I exclaim excitedly, observing features in the mirror. My dark brown hair is in soft, heavy curls while my green eyes stand out with the eyeliner and mascara applied to them. The blush on my cheeks add color to my otherwise pale face, but somehow brings out the paleness too. My lips seem plump and red with lipstick. Viv chuckles. " Well, we're not done yet." I turn to her, surprised. "We're not?" 


 Viv pulls me out of my chair and into her bedroom, then pulls me in front of her mirror."Okay, you can wear heels correct?", Viv asks, gesturing to my feet. I look at her warily. "Yea. I mean I don't wear them often, but I've had to wear some considerably high ones on special occasions and I'm used to them." Viv smiles approvingly and goes to her closet. "Good, then I assume you can wear these tomorrow?." Viv pulls out some five inch black stilettos (y'know, the ones with the pointy tip?), and lay them in front of me. I gawk at them, then come up with a fast, but reasonable excuse. "I don't have  anything to wear with them." Viv gives me a knowing smile and goes into her closet.


"As if I hadn't already thought about that. No excuses!" She pulls out a simple outfit : a leather jacket, black skinny jeans, a white v-neck, and a long silver necklace and silver studs to go with it. I watch her take each item out nervously. How will I ever pull that off? As if reading my mind, Viv gives me some encouraging words. 


"Looking good isn't about what you wear or how you look, but how you carry yourself and how you feel. If you feel beautiful, then you'll carry yourself that way, and you'll look good, even if you dress like Ty." I laugh at Viv's last sentence and suddenly I notice her absence. 


"Umm, where is Ty?" Viv looks up from the clothes she was packing. " She's in the bathroom asleep.", Viv responds casually. I look in there, and sure enough there's Ty, in her chair fast asleep. I smile. " Shouldn't we wake her?", I ask as I turn to look at Viv. She shakes her head as she finishes packing. " Just let her sleep, I'll wake her up later." She hands me a bag full of clothes, makeup, and jewelry." This is everything you'll be wearing for this week." I stare into the bag in shock."This week?", I ask. " This week.", Viv repeats, laughing. I've noticed Viv seems to find me really funny .


She heads downstairs and gestures for me to follow. "Your should probably go home and get some rest; we have a lot to do tomorrow." I nod as she opens the door and we get on her motorcycle. She drives me home and the ride isn't as exhilarating, but it's one nevertheless. I get off, clutching the bag, and head to my house. Before I can open the door however, Viv calls out to me. I tun around. " I'll pick you up tomorrow. ", She yells over the engine, "You better be wearing that outfit!"I nod to show I heard her and Viv rides off into the distance. I check the time on my phone and groan. 9:30. How can time go by so quickly? Thank god my mom is working late today or I'd be dead by now. I go upstairs and collapse into bed.



What a long day.

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