Good Girl Gone Bad(Harry Styles Fanfic)

Allie Sanders

The biggest nerd in her high school

Harry Styles

Your normal stuckup bully.

Tyrica and Viv

The new girls. One look at them and you already know they're badass.

What happens when Tyrica and Viv push Allie to make some changes? Will Harry be able to handle the new Allie? Will he actually fall for her? And her for him?

Watch as Harry learns one thing:

Never underestimate a girl gone bad.


4. Transformed


"This is your house?", I said to Viv. Gaping at the bamboo roof and cream colored mansion. "Yeah.", Viv responded as if it was no big deal."We had a bigger one in California though." I just stared as Viv and Ty got off their bikes. Ty gave me a look. "You getting off or not?", she asked rather rudely. I snapped out of whatever daze I was in and climbed off the bike in haste. I followed Ty and Viv to the wrought iron gate in front of Viv's house. Viv quickly punched in what seemed A long code into the keypad beside the gate and it opened instantaneously. We walked down a stone path with white and red rose bushes on both sides. "Such nice roses.", I mumbled to myself."Thanks",Viv said proudly, hearing me,"Planted them myself." Ty rolled her eyes. "Please don't get her started on her flowers.", she said. Viv glared at her and mumbled some offensive words aimed at Ty. Ty glared right back. I cleared my throat, calling their attention away from each other and to the door we had reached. Viv pulled the key out her pocket and unlocks the door and pushes it open. I gasp as we walk inside.




The inside was HUGE. A enormous crystal chandelier hung above us. The hall seemed to go on endlessly as well as the marble stairs a few feet away. I didn't get a good enough look before Viv pulled me upstairs, Ty following. We eventually reached another massive hallway with doors far apart on both sides. Viv opened the first door on her right and I smiled as I entered her room.    There was purple and black everywhere. Purple pillows, black such airs, purple posters, a purple and black rug, black dressers, and a massive, shiny  purple and black bed in the center of it all. "You like?", Viv said, plopping on the bed with Ty. "Yea!", I say, jumping on the bed beside Viv. She laughed."Glad you like it." She said. She put her hand under the bed, pulling out  a red container. She opened it, revealing various hair care products and makeup. "We'll do your  hair first.", Viv said, taking out a curler and some hair products. "Follow me to the bathroom.", Viv said getting up and heading to the door on the right side of the room. Me and Ty followed and walked into the bathroom. The bathroom was as bigger than my room with a huge mirror right by the door. A closed off space half the size of my room is what I guessed to be the shower. Viv put the things on the counter in front of the mirror as Ty sat down on one of the fancy looking chairs in front of the lite up mirror. Viv set a chair facing away from the mirror and ordered my to sit. I sat down on it as Viv plugged in the curler. I then felt her hands in my hair, putting different hair product in it. Then she combed my straight dark brown hair, and started to curl it. I squirmed, anticipating the moment I get to see myself. A while later Viv puts the curler down. I feel thick curls hit  my forehead and cheeks."Hey Ty, get the makeup bag will you?", Viv says, and Ty walks out the room grumbling. She eventually comes back carrying a small purple bag. Viv takes it and puts it on the counter. I can hear her rummaging though it." Close your eyes.", she tells me,and I do. She applies something on my eyes, then around cheeks and on my lips, taking her time. Finally she finishes. She steps back, peering at me, and smiles." You can turn around now.", she says. I do.




And I gasp.



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