Good Girl Gone Bad(Harry Styles Fanfic)

Allie Sanders

The biggest nerd in her high school

Harry Styles

Your normal stuckup bully.

Tyrica and Viv

The new girls. One look at them and you already know they're badass.

What happens when Tyrica and Viv push Allie to make some changes? Will Harry be able to handle the new Allie? Will he actually fall for her? And her for him?

Watch as Harry learns one thing:

Never underestimate a girl gone bad.


3. The Makeover

IM BACK(hope ur happy!)

I wait outside of school, nervous. What is taking them so long? It's been awhile. Did they ditch me? I wait a few more minutes and I sigh. Just when I'm about to walk away, Viv and Tyrica walk out the school doors. Viv smiles when she sees me. "Hey, sorry it took so long. I lost a book of mine.", she says, holding up a thick book. "So are you going to our house or our we going to yours?", Viv says to me. I think for a minute."Umm yours.", I say. She nods.Tyrica comes by me and nudges my shoulder as we start walking to the parking lot."She would die for a book, but I'm not so sure she would do the same for me.", she whispers. I laugh a little and Viv, who's in front of us, gives us a suspicious look. We look at each other and laugh again. Viv turns around and gives us a look."Really?", she says, annoyed."I have no idea what your talking about.", Tyrica says looking everywhere but Viv's face. I shake my head and shrug, agreeing with her. She cocks an eyebrow, and we both bust out laughing. Viv turns back around and starts walking, shaking her head."You guys are so stupid.", she says."Oh wow Viv, your the nicest person sometimes.", Tyrica says sarcastically, and we laugh again. Soon we arrive at two motorcycles, which are both purple and black BMWs. They were sleek and looked really expensive.My eyes widen a bit and Viv notices my expression.


"Hey you'll be fine.", she said reassuringly, patting me on the back."We've ridden these about a million times and we've only crashed like what, 5 times?" I froze in panic and Tyrica gave Viv a look. Viv laughed."I'm only kidding.", she said with a grin. I exhaled a breath of relief and relaxed as she handed my a black studded helmet. I put it on, a bit nervous about riding on an actual motorcycle. I climb on it, behind Viv, and when I'm secure, she reeves up the engine. Tyrica does the same, and we drive out the parking lot. As we start to pick up speed I tense up and close my eyes, expecting this to be one terrifying ride. But then I open them. This is not so bad, I think to myself. I smile. This is actually pretty cool. I actually start to enjoy the ride, but then we stop. I look up to find a practical palace standing before me.

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