Good Girl Gone Bad(Harry Styles Fanfic)

Allie Sanders

The biggest nerd in her high school

Harry Styles

Your normal stuckup bully.

Tyrica and Viv

The new girls. One look at them and you already know they're badass.

What happens when Tyrica and Viv push Allie to make some changes? Will Harry be able to handle the new Allie? Will he actually fall for her? And her for him?

Watch as Harry learns one thing:

Never underestimate a girl gone bad.


2. New Friends

I walk into lunchroom and grab my tray. As i wait in line for my food I look at all the tables. Every group has their own little table they sit at. Though I don't have any group of my own since nobody wants to hang out with "nerd girl", i have my own little table too. In the very back of the cafeteria. Most people don't know it even exsists. Everyday i grab my lunch, sit down at my table alone, and read a book or just think while I eat. It's not as bad as it seems though. The loneliness is bearable. I get my food and go sit at my table. I pull out a book and start to read while I munch on an apple. I'm really into the book when i feel someone stansing over me. I look up to find Viv looking down on me, Tyrica by her. "Hey you mind if we sit by you?", Viv says. People look over at us and whisper, making me nervous. Before I can even answer, Tyrica sits down on the opposite side of the table. Viv rolls her eyes. "Will you please have some fucking manners?", she says, sounding annoyed. "I don't feel like doing that shit.", Tyrica says. Viv turns towards me. "Sorry, she doesn't know how to be nice to people.", she says with a smile. Tyrica shoots daggers at Viv, but she ignores it. "I-I-It's okay.", I stammer nervously. Viv sits down and looks at my book. "Is that Bliss?", she asks. I nod and.she observes the page I'm on."Can you believe Adam's love with Emily?" Viv says, shaking her head, "That totally threw me off."I look at her in surprise."Yes the badgirl is a bookworm.", Tyrica says, noticing my expression. Viv rolls her eyes. She turns towards me and smiles. "So I was wondering if you could do something for us.", Viv says. "What?" I ask nervously."Let us give you a makeover!", she says cheerfully, with a hopful look on her face. I just look at her for a second. Me? A makeover? "Umm I not really into makeovers.", I say quietly. "I agree.", Tyrica says "Who wants to so all that girly shit?"Viv glares at Tyrica. "I wasn't asking you.", she growls. She turns back to me. "Look I promise you you'll like it, and if you don't, we can always change you back.", she says. I hesistate, but finally I make my decision. "Well...ok.", I say. Viv smiles while Tyrica groans. The bell rings and it's time to go. Tyrica, Viv, and i grab our tray and throw them away. " Well I see you after school.",Vic says when we get in the hallway. I nod, and we go to our seperate classes. Viv's POV She's definitely the biggest nerd in this school. She's always alone and every girl here looks at her with disgust. She's shy, quiet , and dorky. But none of that fools me. I was like her once, and I know there's a side to her that can make people respect her more. She just needs to let it out. And me and Tyrica will help her do just that.
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