One Direction Imagines

Imagines. (:
I will make you a personal one if you want one.(:


13. Bailey and Harry.

I'm really sorry that it is like super late... forgive me ? 

Bailey here's you imagine. My friend Alyssa made it, but it's for you ! :D 

"Ouch !" You belched out in pain

Harry; Don't worry baby I got you take my hand.

Bailey; Harry.. Don't Let Me Go..

Harry; I'm right here with you babe, all the way. Don't worry.

Doctor; I'm sorry sir, we're going to have to take ms.Bailey into surgery at this time.

Harry looked at Bailey one last time with his loved filled eyes before she was wheeled out by a team of doctors dressed in scrubs.

Bailey took Harry's hand and whispered in her softest voice.

"I Love You Sweetheart everything will be okay. I promise."

A tear rolled down Harry's cheek as he toyed with a strand of Bailey's Blonde hair

Harry; I love you baby doll.

Doctor; Sir we have to go now.

Harry; I'll be waiting right here when you get out. I Love You.

He grasped her hand tightly not wanting to let go.

As the doctors wheeled her away they keep eye contact slowly loosing each others warm hold.


sorry about it being sad.... 

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