Why Me?

Lulu is best friends with Niall Horan. Well, was best friends. They went to thesame school and were neighbors, but what will happen when Lulu has some horrible news and what will happen when she runs off and meets him 9 years later? Will they stay or will they break?


1. Me

Lulu's P.O.V.

I woke up in my bed. ughhh. Just another day of being a Junior in High School which is something I REALLY  dont want to do. I got dressed and cleaned up for the day and waited outside for my best friend Jade to pick me up. Jade is a senior and can drive which means she can drive me to school too. Once she finally pulled up to my house, the fist thing she said was Niall.  Jade knows all about my past. About Niall, and everything and yes the Niall from One Direction. Niall Horan.

• Flashback •

"LULU! GET BACK HERE!!!!" screamed Niall as I ran away from him with his phone. "YOU BETTER CATCH ME!" I screamed back at him. Soon enough I was at a dead end. "Gotcha. Now give me my phone! I kinda need it." I gave him back his phone. "Niall I need to tell you something but I dont think you will like it." "You can tell me anything." I lead Niall over to the couch and sat him down. We could tell that both of us were nervous. "Lulu, is everything ok?" I looked into his deep, blue eyes with tears forming. "Im moving to California." Niall just looked at me. Shocked. With that, I ran out the door and headed to my house. He started calling for me to come back. I locked my self in my room and sat in my closet for hours, crying and crying. Every few minutes, I heard my phone get a text or call. I knew it was Niall but I just stayed there crying. I soon fell asleep and when I woke up the next day, we were on our way to California, leaving Ireland. 

• End of Flashback •

"What?" is all I could say. "One Direction, there coming here. To California." is all that Jade could say to me.

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