The mirrorr hit the floor with an almighty crash, scattering glass all over the floor. An earpiercing scream rang through the house, as if someone was dying...


4. The Arrival

“Ah Steven, how are you?” Harry asked.
“If I was you I would leave now!” Steven advised him. He looked over to Katie who was cradling her bleeding hand in her lap. “Kate I’d go clean that hand up.”
“Then you don’t want to know I guess?” Harry said mysteriously.
“Know what?” Steven asked intrigued.
“How your mother died.”

 Steven went quiet. It was very unlike him, he usually oozed confidence. He was the sort of guy many would expect to see in a magazine. His short brown hair was styled with his fringe at the front covering one eye, letting his other dark apple green eye make him see secretive. His dress sense was that of a normal eighteen year old; Chinos, blue checked top and Vans. But somehow he always looked better.

“And you would know how my mother died would you?” He just managed squeak. Harry nodded. “How would you know? You don’t know me, or my mum. Let alone how she died.”
“So many questions. Well you would think that, however I do. The question is do you want to know?” By this time Katie had finished cleaning up her hand and had it wrapped in a bandage.
“Of course we want to know. For god sakes tell us!” She exclaimed.
“You may want to sit down.”

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