The mirrorr hit the floor with an almighty crash, scattering glass all over the floor. An earpiercing scream rang through the house, as if someone was dying...


1. The Funeral

The skies were grey and cloudy, much like the atmosphere, surrounding the church. It almost seemed to have lost its grandness, the usual charm it held had vanished without a trace, as had the flowers and welcoming feeling. The people in black clothing and the wimpers from the back weren't helping the cause.

Katie scanned the people surrounding the graveyard through teay eyes. Recognising only a few. She didn't have enough energy to care who the others were. All her available energy was going towards not crying. She knew her mother would not want her to, but Katie could feel herself crying now. The warm salty tears trickling down her face, reminding her, instantly, of how her mother used to comfort her:

'Don't cry dear, mummy's got you.'

By now the tears had turned from a trickle to a full on waterfall, streaming down her face, unable to stop. She felt an arm wrap around her and knew whose it was: Steven's. He beloved older brother. At eighteen he was coping surprisingly well. Now without a mother, he was her legal guardian.

The funeral went slowly, but to Katie it flashed by. She had tried to get out of talking to people and blanked eveyone except Steven. She had even ended up sitting on her own in the coner crying to herself, shooting angry glares at anyone trying to comfort her.

It wasn't surprising why she was in the state she was. In the space of two weeks not only had her father run out on the family, her, mother had also died. Not of a stroke, disease, murdered or suicide. What hurt Katie the most was the fact she didn't know. In fact no one knew.

However what she did know was that on the morning of April the first, as she came down the stairs for breakfast, she saw he mothers body. Limp and lifeless, surrounded by the glass from a mirror. Other than the cuts from the shattered mirror there was no other wounds.



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