The Tale Of Anthony


1. the tales of Anthony

Once open a time there was a young man called Anthony. He was a poor guy who lived with he´s big family in a small house. Anthony’s biggest wish was to go to the royal painting school, but it was only rich people who could afford that. One day young Anthony decided to run away from home. So he packed his stuff and went off when it was night. But soon he discovered that it wasn’t the greatest idea. In the town there were a lot of burglars and they stole all he´s stuff. Anthony survived three days without anything, and just when he thought he was done, a young woman came to help. She helped him into the castle, but Anthony couldn’t see it because he was dehydrated. He woke up in a big bed with the woman looking at him. He started getting to know her. He told her about he’s dream about being a student on the royal painting school. She told him that she couldn’t get him to the painting school, but she could give him some paint and a canvas. He painted and painted and painted. And one day he decided to make a big painting but when he was half way through, he became very sick. The young woman who saved him told him to stay in his bed, but Anthony wouldn’t listen. One day when the young woman came into Anthony’s room, she found him lying dead on the ground next to his painting. The big painting was finished but Anthony was dead. On the big painting there was a terrifying dragon and a young noble man fighting it. Anthony was buried a few days later, but he lives on in his painting. 

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