This is 3 to 5 parts long Larry story! It's my first Larry one so it probably sucks... But I still hope you like it :) x
The story tells about an average guy Louis Tomlinson who finds out someone is after him, but don't know who. He has to leave everything behind, but to his surprise he finds a better life in a new and different town. He gets to know Harry, who instantly becomes his best friend. They end up kissing, even if both of them have girlfriends. What happens next?


1. New town, new people.

Louis Tomlinson is an average guy from Doncaster. He owns a brown and stylish hair, bright blue eyes and a great personality. He is fun to hang around and everyone always laughs at his jokes. He also has a girlfriend, Eleanor, just like many other 21-year-old lad do. He has been dating Eleanor for two and half years now after meeting her in a bakery. Louis and Eleanor's relationship from the outside looks like a perfect fairy tale, and that what it mostly is.

As usual on Friday’s, this Friday they had gone to the Chinese restaurant whose owner they know well. Louis and Eleanor were much liked customers at that restaurant and that’s why they always got free fortune cookies for starters. Always the fortune had been good and mostly they had become true. Louis fully believed in paranormal and spiritual things, such as to fortune cookies and horoscopes.

“What you got?” Louis asked Eleanor with a smile. Eleanor had opened her fortune cookie before Louis and he was curious to know what read on her cookie.

“I’m not going to tell you, you know I never tell you, nor you tell me”, Eleanor answered smirking. Louis rolled his eyes, even if he knew Eleanor was right on this, they never told each other what read on their cookies. After seeing Eleanor eating the cookie with a huge smile Louis opened his cookie. He rolled the small note open and read on his mind: ‘Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the town immediately and never return.’ Louis swallowed hard.

“Is everything ok babe?” Eleanor asked after seeing the terrified look on Louis’ face.

“Yea, everything’s fine. Please excuse me while I use the men’s room”, Louis said and got up right after eating the cookie. He was walking slowly towards the door that led out of the restaurant. He was still in shock of what had read on the note. Anyone else would believe it was just another note, but since Louis was so paranoid and believed in things he thought the note was real and his life was seriously in danger. Eleanor had no suspicions, because the bathrooms and the door out were on the same direction.

Louis quickly walked to his car, leaving Eleanor no other way to get back home than calling someone else to pick her up or taking a cab. He started the car engine after stepping in to his nice navy blue Range Rover. He drove home as fast as he could, packed a few things with him and left. He didn’t leave a note; he left nothing as an explanation to his leaving. 

Next morning after sleeping a few hours in his car, Louis found himself from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. It was only less than hundred miles away from Doncaster, but he had driven around the country like crazy and finally ended up there. He liked the place and wanted to stay there. He was driving around the town to find a sign of houses that were to let. He was still tired after the long drive. He finally found a small place not that far from downtown. He stepped in after knocking to the door.

“Hello?” he whispered after saying it again a little louder that time. He found no one there, but still decided to take a look around. It was small one bedroom flat, with kitchen, bathroom and a small balcony. It was placed on the top floor and it had a nice view to the park that was next to the block of flats. Louis walked back down to his car and typed the phone number from the ‘to let’ sign to his phone. He pressed call and placed the phone to his right ear.

“John Clayton”, an older man answered.

“Hello, it’s Louis Tomlinson calling. I was just wondering if your apartment in Perth Close is still available?” Louis asked, wanting to rent the flat.

“Yes, yes, I’m glad someone finally called me about the flat. When would you want to move in?” John asked all excited.

“If possible, today”, Louis said, waiting for denial.

“That’s quite fast, but yes sure why not! I’ll come over with the papers in 10, if you’re still there?” John said.

“I’ll be here! Thank you so much Mr. Clayton”, Louis said before hanging up. He smiled a little, even if his life was complete mess at the moment. Louis sat down to his car for the ten minutes before John Clayton would arrive. He started thinking about his life and how he wanted to call his mom and Eleanor and apologize for everything he had done. But before he got to the point of calling anyone, John Clayton knocked to Louis’ window. Louis gently opened the door before shaking John’s hand.

“Very nice to have someone like you to live in my flat”, John said happily after meeting Louis. Louis couldn’t help but smile. They both walked to the flat and sat down on the couch. The house was fully furnished, so Louis wouldn’t have to buy any furniture himself.

“Sign your name here and I’m ready to give you the keys”, John said pointing the line on the corner of the paper. Louis took the pen and signed his name to the paper with his beautiful handwriting.

“Thank you Mr. Tomlinson”, John said, handing the flat keys to Louis.

“Thanks to you Mr. Clayton, I’m very honoured to have you as my landlord”, Louis replied politely. John Clayton chuckled before waiving the goodbyes and leaving the flat.

Louis was still sitting on the couch, and after Mr. Clayton left he realised how lonely he was. Louis started seeking his phone from his pocket and as soon as he got it out there he received a new message from blocked number. The message said: ‘You did the right thing, if you contact people you used to know, such as your family and girlfriend, you can be sure you won’t ever see them again.’ Louis threw his phone on the floor, possibly breaking it. He buried his face to his hands, leaning to his knees.  He couldn’t believe it, he thought he could’ve at least keep contact on people only not telling them where he was and why he had left.

Louis stood up after a few minutes and picked up the phone from the floor. It was broken, and no wonder since Louis had thrown it to the floor with power. He tried fixing it, but it wouldn’t work. He decided to go to the local pub via phone store to get a new phone. Louis was a guy who rarely drank, or if he did, he didn’t take much. But this time he felt like he wanted to get really wasted and just forget everything that had happened.

Louis looked to the mirror and decided to fix his look before leaving. He put on his navy blue skinny jeans that had rolled up trouser legs and his favourite grey long-sleeve shirt that looked like it was made only for him. He combed his hair and put some hair wax on  just to make his hair stay on place. He sprayed two sprays of his favourite men’s perfume, smiled to the mirror and left the flat with only his keys and wallet on his back pockets.

After changing the phone along the phone number Louis headed to a small pub. The pub was filled with people that knew each other what gave the place really nice atmosphere. After looking around the nice looking, with brown wood furnished pub he sat down to a bar stool that was next to the bar. Louis leaned his head on his right hand while reading the drink menu they had. Such a small pub, yet so much drinks to order.

“I recommend you to take the house’s own beer, it’s made here in Holmes Chapel”,  raspy unfamiliar voice said behind Louis. He turned around to see the person who talked to him. The first thing he noticed was this person’s beautiful green eyes. He also had dark brown and curly hair that was perfectly shaped out of his face. He was tall, much taller than Louis himself was, so Louis had to look up when he finally got words out of his mouth.

“Umm okay, one of those then please”, Louis said to the waitress after turning around from the guy he had just met. Louis gestured the guy to sit with him, and so the guy did.

“Or well make it too, thanks”, Louis quickly corrected his order to the waitress. The guy smiled as a thank you.

“I’m Harry, I noticed you haven’t been here before, have you?” the guy with beautiful green eyes asked.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Louis. And no I haven’t, I actually got here by accident”, Louis said chuckling a little, even if behind it was sadness. Harry and Louis started talking straight away like they had been best friends for a long time now. And to be honest they got along really well and after a couple drinks they started talking even more personal things. Louis explained how he was missing his family and friends but couldn’t really tell why he couldn’t go back or call them or anything. Harry on the other hand explained how he had been dating Kate for some years now and how they’re living together but sometimes he needed to go out to think stuff, because his relationship with Kate had recently been going downhill. He told Louis how he missed someone to hold and share things with.

“I feel lucky that I met you Louis”, Harry said already little drunk.

“Now I have someone I can at least share things with”, he continued. Louis smiled; it made him happy that he had found Harry because he thought he was going to be alone without friends for the rest of his life.

“I feel lucky too! And I will always be friend for you when you need one”, Louis said kind of promising that to Harry.

“Awesome! You know it feels like I’ve known you forever, even if we’ve known each other only for three hours now”, Harry chuckled before continuing:

“Are you busy going home tonight, or would you fancy a guy’s night out? Pulling women and just having fun while dancing. Kate doesn’t have to know.” Louis thought about Eleanor for a while, but after all he nodded smiling; if his probably only friend at the moment asked to hang out, then why not to do that. Both of the boys gulped down the last drops of beer from their glasses, thanked the waitress and left the pub happily. Since both of them were enough drunk not to drive they took a cab, which took them to the best party place little further away from the town. 


Sorry this first part kind of sucks...... but that was almost only part that I could've cut the story, because if I didn't choose that part then it would have been over 3000 words long :) the next part will be up tomorrow! Hopefully you enjoyed it even a little :) x

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