Dear Darkness


1. Dear Darkness/Fear

Dear Darkness


Just some girl your playing around with. 

You, you killed what was good in me and.
And you leave me here to bleed.
You took it away from me.
You make me see the world whit different eye's. 
You change me.
Like a cop with his prisoner you have me in 
hand cove and every time I try to runaway. 
You find me and make me feel bad about myself.
You have make me say and do things, that I regret so badly.
You have make me believe in thing's so stupid and not true but it is your truth, but you lie.
I feel like I am trapped in a maze whit so many directions. 
And every time I feel I've hit the right way it's just a dead end.
Every time I try to 
fight back you just make me wanna die or blow away.
I just thought that it was the right way to feel after you've been sick your hole life.
But is it right to feel that you in the class, feel that you have to die and you.
Have to tell.
Your teacher a lie that you have to go to the doctor, because you think that you have to die.
Your father sees you at night lie in your bed with tears in your eye's and face so scared that you can't say a word.
And he say's "good damn sweety you look's like someone who's about to die.
our .
You see your sister cry day after day, because she think she is about to blow away.

Is that right in your world, then you don't belong. 
To this world filled with Love, Friendships and Hope.
Because you don't have a thing to live for.
But I do, I do, I do.
And to may have my thought's and the control over my body.
But you don't have my heart, soul our my will, those are hidden in a save place.
And the same truth is about my sister. 
And if you ever hurt her.

I will be the girl you wish you've never had.
Cause believe me when I say that I believe, I believe.
I do believe that.
Love change darkness into light and make the heart take a wingless flight.
This is me
And I will keep holding on to what I believe, What I am, What I will be and to the those I Love.








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