What if we could just float away..

An entry into the Picture Prompt Competition.

Mark and Jess were in a normal, loved up romance until a question is asked.. A meaningless one at that, that turned their lives upside down.


1. What if we could just float away...

‘’What if we could just float away..?’’ Mark asked Jess, who was absent-mindedly messing with her luscious blonde hair which curved round her almost perfect face. Beautiful, Mark thought.

They sat on grass almost as fresh and luscious as her hair. A look of thought crossed her face, matching the one Mark wore in the midst of his handsome, symmetrical features and below his messy brown hair.

‘’If we could float away.. where would we go? What would we do? What would we find?’’ Mark asked again, enthusiasm consuming him like a pebble in the surf.

‘’Wherever the wind would take us, and we’d do what we do now.. love each other.’’ She replied, turning to her guy. Her eyes bore into him, for at least a minute, before they kissed. When they pulled away, Jess’ face obscured.

‘’Was it that bad?’’ Mark laughed.

‘’No, there’s something over there. Look! Its coming clos- It’s a.. bunch of balloons’’ She said, pointing to the near distance, with a sound of confusion in her golden voice.

Mark stood up and reached for the bunch of balloons. A bunch of about 8 pink balloons.

‘’Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Babe, where are you going!?’’ Jess shouted, racing towards him as he rose higher and higher off the ground. She latched her arms around his waist, but now they were both rising. Above the street lamps. The trees. The birds... The clouds.

After rising past the street lights, Jess stopped screaming and crying and kicking.

‘’What if we could just float away, eh?! What a bloody brilliant idea!!’’ She said, a new tear rolling down her face. ‘’Where would we go? What would we do? We’ll bleedin’ die in the clouds holding onto a balloon!!’’ She finished.

‘’I didn’t know we’d be flying in a bunch of pink balloons, I thought we’d be cuddled up thinking.. God woman, you’re cranky!’’ He replied.

The hour after was silence until dusk fell upon the land and all they could see was house lights. House lights and stars, not much difference so high up. As well as dark, the cold fell too. Jess forgave Mark and cuddled up.

Mark was tired. He decided that they weren’t going to land anywhere today, and tied the strings of the balloons around them both. They fell asleep..



The two love birds woke in a flash, flailing about in a pit of leaves, branches and twigs. Jess spat leaves and wiped her mouth. The bunch of balloons flew away, above the high trees. Gone.

‘’Ugh! Great!!Where are we..?’’ She spat, ridding her mouth of leaf particles. She sat up and sighed.

‘’I have no idea, not one..’’ He replied. He got up and held out his hand, Jess grabbed it and stood up.

Mark shrugged to himself and guided the blonde beauty to the right, up. Thats where they needed to be, higher. The path gradually rose, until the forest parted to a clear green meadow which seemed to rise up higher into a mountain.

‘’Ha! No way! I’ve just walked through a forest in these heels-’’ She started, pointed at the 3 inch heels she wore.’’-I ain’t walking up a mountain, I have blisters already.’’ She finished.

Mark grabbed her waist. He hauled her over his shoulder, and started up the mountain.

‘’Then I’ll carry you.’’ He said to a wide-eyed Jess. The green meadow quickly turned to crunching stone and small hidden crevices..

‘’AARGH!’’ Mark whimpered through clenched teeth. He fell to his knees and took the damsel with him, she fell to the stones and rolled.

‘’What’s up, babe?’’ She cried, scurrying to his side. She quickly noticed his foot.. It was stuck in a tight crevice. She tried to pull his foot from the crevice but it only made him scream louder. She rolled up his jean leg.

‘’Oh God! Oh God! First aid, Jess, c’mon, THINK!’’ She said to herself, resisting gagging at the site of his leg. His calf bone had shifted through his skin, blood spilled out of the wound. Jess kissed him. Then she ripped off his pant leg and tied it round his leg, tight. He made a dying animal sound, not pleasant. Her mind went blank and she burst into tears.

‘’Geh’t ‘elp.. am’ulanss.. ARGH!’’ Mark tried through gritted teeth, who was also crying.

How would she get help? A phone wouldn’t work in the middle of nowhere, there was no one close.. It was getting dark.. What would she do? What if he died. What if? What if? What if?

A flare.. She thought. She needed to make a flare.. How? God knows, but she was going to make a flare. Then we start a fire, same difference, She thought. The eureka moment.

She took off the stupid heels, and ran bare-footed. What she would do for love..

She reached the edge of the forest and gathered as much would as she could.. The wet stuff, the moisture will cause more smoke, She remembered. She ran back with a large bundle of sticks and branches. Fuel, She thought, We have oxygen, now we need heat..

Neither of the couple smoked. What could she do that wouldn’t take forever, what about that friction thing, with the bow..

She picked the sturdiest stick and pulled a shoelace from Mark’s blue converse. She then tied it the stick at both ends and plucked dry grass that had gotten entwined in the bundle of wood. The moment of truth, she thought. She rubbed the grass vigorously on the shoelace, after ten minutes, an slight ember appeared.

She blew it gently.. The dark was coming.. It grew bigger.. How long did they have left?.. She dropped the grass into the bundle and it soon caught fire and billowed smoke.

Jess sat by Mark’s side, stroking his hair and keeping an eye on the fire..

A sound...

The whir of a helicopters blades, flying to the over head, getting lower and lower..

A miracle!

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