Girl named Ruby is being overwhelmed with final exams. The only thing which could possibly ruin her life even more is to fall in love with already taken curly boy. Poor girl.


1. No no no!

I bet we all know how it feels like. That stress that you won´t get through your A-levels. I feel like crap literally. Maybe I should stop thinking about the bad ending and be positive instead. It´s not like I am not studying but I just can´t focus on anything. My mind is like a massive wicked whirl. I just want to slip into my bed and never leave it. Just my blanket and I. But no. I need to go to school instead and meet the most annoying people ever. Ruby, you got it, just make your A-levels and run away from here as fast as you can. That´s your only option. Leave everything behind and start again. This year wasn’t pleasant to me at all. I wasn’t very lucky also. The one who I was desperately in love with dumped me. My best friend fell in love and I fell into misery instead. I am currently in metro, sitting next to some 15 year old girl. She has been on phone since I came. This is the moment of realisation that you are not teenager anymore. “...and I told him about George... that prick wasn’t very happy but fuck him...” That was the part of conversation I was able to catch. The rest of it was so meaningless for me so I stopped listening.

After 7, the most boring lessons EVER, I am finally on my way home. Passing through the crowded street I noticed someone holding the fresh baked scone. It is the best breakfast meal of all time. Actually is something around 3 p.m. but all I am thinking about is that warm scone with clotted cream and jam on it. Jummy. I bit my bottom lip while observing that man gently but relentlessly taking an enormously big bite. Oh, screw it. I need one too. After no moment of hesitation I walked into the first bakery I saw. Actually I know it here. I was here for a few times with Grace and Chloe but I think it has changed since then. This place is actually really tiny but also cosy. One wall is painted in black with big chalk board. There are written names of all delicious things this bakery offers. I joined the queue while watching that menu. I couldn’t see if there were some scones so I observed that chalk board carefully. All of sudden it was my turn to ask for my so wanted scone. I was totally taken aback because I wasn’t sure if they have some, so I stammered. “H-h-hello!” When I finished my awkward greeting I realise who was standing on the other side of the counter. I didn’t know him. I must have seen him here for the first time. Curly darked hair boys. And really tall I must say. He was smiling at me the whole time I was observing him. “Hi! What can I get you?” He added and put his hands on the counter. “Ahh... scones... I want a scone.” I replied like I´ve learn talking yesterday. He just raised his eyebrows and giggled. “It´s we usually have scones in the morning.” When he finished he shook his head. He acted totally friendly. I am not used to be treated in bakery like this. I laughed at my own stupidity but I wasn’t dedicated to give up on my scone. “Yes I understand, but I saw this man eating one and I assumed he has bought it here.” This incredibly cheeky boy smiled at me again. “I am sorry. But on the other hand, we have these vanilla cupcakes...” He stared pointing at cupcakes with wiped cream on them. I believe they taste delicious but I am not interested. I sighted and cut him off. “No, that´s ok. I-I ´ll come by some other time...” “Morning´s the best.” He added and looked directly at me. I wasn’t sure if he was just picking on me. I smiled politely but hazily at the same time. “Right, thanks anyway...” When I turned back prepared to leave I quietly mumbled: No scone for you Ruby. Then I heard a suppressed laughter. I knew he would have heard it but I didn’t care. “Bye!” I turned around and saw him waving at me. I awkwardly raised my right hand and finally walked away.

This day is the worst. When I came home I started to think about that boy in the bakery. He looks like in my age so it must have been only his part time job. What surprises me, I actually didn’t saw him in my school. Then I realized I am thinking about him too much so I opened my Math book. When my eyes briefly went through the first page I got sick so I quickly closed that evil book and laid myself on messy bed and let the Kings of Leon making me a company, even though only through my phone. I closed my eyes and sighted. Be tomorrow already.

When I woke up I realized I was still wearing clothes from yesterday. I was so horrified, so I quickly ran into shower. I put my favourite black jeans on, hoping today will be better with them. I took white shirt and denim jacket, prepared to leave house very quickly when... “Ruby! BREAKFAST!” Suddenly echoed from kitchen. I sighted and went there. Dad was sitting by the table with his glasses on, reading newspapers like every morning. “Mum went to work earlier so I made you a toast.” He wasn’t looking at me at all, he was so into reading. “Where´s Aiden?” I asked my dad curiously since I didn’t see him anywhere. Aiden is my older brother. “In bed I assume.” Dad replied on my question and sipped of hot coffee. I raised my eyebrows and took that toast from the plate. “I need to go, bye...” I added while kissing my dad´s cheek. Then he finally looked at me and took his glassed off. “Could you please take Arthur from kinder garden when you finished in school honey? I have some meeting today and...” I sighted. “Ruby, please?” Dad added. I smiled at him and nodded. Like I have nothing else to do. Arthur is 4. “Yeeey!” Arthur suddenly hugged me from behind. “Ruby, I´ll show you my best buddy and...” I turned back and caressed his hair. “Looking forward to it love!” I leaned down and ticked his nose. He giggled and sat next to dad. God this is what I wanted to avoid. I just hate family mornings. “Be there in 5, just don’t forget about him like the last time Ruby, ok?” Dad frowned at me and I laughed. “Sure, I really need to go now, Chloe is here already!” I lied. I didn’t hear her car coming actually. Dad just shook his head as I quickly drank his glass of juice. When I shut the door, I noticed Chloe standing on the other side of the street. “Where´s your car?” I shouted and covered my eyes since the sunshine was burning my eyes. “Broken.” She replied. “Broken you´re saying...” I added while coming forward to her. “Ok, I broke it, but you should see that prick who just bumped there and...” Chloe is a terrible driver so it was just a matter of time something like this would happen. I giggled and hugged her. “Walking won´t kill us...” I added while grinning. Chloe sighted and shook her head.

On our way to school I remembered about yesterday and my dreamed scone. We were actually standing right next to the bakery I was in yesterday. “Come...” I pulled Chloe by her leather jacked inside. “Ruby we are already late...” “I know, I know!” I cut her off. I wasn’t actually here just for the scone. I wanted to see him again. Just to make sure I didn’t forget how he looks. We waited in a queue for a while when I finally saw him. He was handing a paper pocket to this blond haired girl. He was smiling at her the whole time. Ok, so I wasn’t some special guest or something. I sighted but didn’t give up totally. But then. He enclosed his big hands to her face and grabbed her by her chin to kiss her. She giggled after his curls tickled her forehead. Oh fuck.

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