World's Apart (1D Fan Fiction)

She is the daughter of the most powerful drug dealer in Mexico.
They are One Direction.
Who would have thought that they'd ever meet? But they do. Sent on a mission to London, Frankie runs into the boys, but however much she tries to get rid of them, they don't want to let go that easily. The boys could blow her cover and the world could find out what her father is doing. With a life full of lies, murderers and drugs, Frankie hasn't got time for love, but it's the love for the boys that makes her choose - her family or One Direction?


1. Prologue



  The apartment is completely black, no lights illuminating the rooms. Anyone might have thought that there was no one home, but there, lying in a ball on the kitchen floor, is a girl. The girl’s blond hair falls in front of her face as she buries her face in her hands. She lets a lone tear fall down her face and fall into her lap.

  Next to her on the tiled kitchen floor is a magazine open to a page with a photo of a girl running down the street, the same long hair flying behind her as the girl kneeling next to the photo. The headline screams, ‘Mystery Girl Finally Revealed’. Another picture is inserted in the page, showing a girl and a boy shouting at each in a doorway - the doorway to the dark apartment.

  Suddenly a noise echoes round the apartment; the ringing of a phone. The girl looks up, but doesn’t make any move to answer it. Eventually the phone directs the caller to voicemail and a girl’s panicked voice fills the room.

  “Frankie? God Frankie, please pick up! Tyrone’s going mad – he’s seen the pictures. I don’t know how, he normally doesn’t look at anything like that, but he’s seen it. All hell’s broken loose here. He thinks you’re going to get him found out – that you’re going to get the English police after him. He was angry enough after you called him last, but now he’s mental. I don’t want to say he’d kill you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he sends someone after you. But National Security will be after you by now – you are in some DEEP shit Frankie. Just call me okay?” The phone clicks and the silence re-engulfs the apartment.

  Another tear follows the first, tracing a path down her cheek. After a few more minutes of silent sobbing, another sound echoes through the room.


"Frankie, open up!"

The girl slowly rises from the ball on the floor and pads across the appartment unitl she reaches her front door. She pauses, her hand on the door handle.

"Frankie, open the door, I know you're in there! Look, I'm really sorry, I didn't think. I should have seen it from your point of view, and I shouldn't have exploded like that."

Frankie pulls open the door and throws herself into the boy's arms. "I'm so sorry, everything's just so messed up. My life is messed up."

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