Love Me

A story about two sisters called Libby and Bethany who find themselves falling for Harry and Niall, do they feel the same.


1. Feelings

**Bethany and Libby's house**


Bethany's POV

Hello I'm Bethany, I'm 16 years old and I live with my sister Libby who's 15 and a half. We're both directioners and have finally got front row tickets for their tour in the O2 and we are SO excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since we got the tickets to see our fave boy band Libby has spent over £50 on skin care products, our house is like a skincare production line, I'm not kidding! We have both been so nervous about seeing the boys but so excited aswell because we actually got backstage passes, they cost a load of money emptying both our bank accounts, but it was worth it. However, the concert was in 2 days and we seriously needed some killer outfits because this event was special.

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