Sirius 5th year

My first English Movella, don't judge me too hard :3
Sirus Black want too escape his stupid family. But how?
And what are going to happen on hogwarts this year for Sirius and his friends?


1. Sirius

He hated them all. His insane cousin, his terrible mother, and his “Perfect brother”. In Sirius’s world it didn’t matter if you were muggleborn. But I their eyes it was a honor and almost royal to be a pureblood. He could clearly remember his mom’s reaction when he was placed in Gryffindor. She sent him a Howler.

This summer had been very rainy. His shoes were soaked because he had been going through a puddle. The raindrops dripped on his hot, angry face, and he was glad nobody could see he was crying. He didn’t know where he should go. But he knew that he never would go back to Grimmauld Place. But suddenly he got an idea. He remembered Mrs. Potter’s words: “You can always go to us, if something is wrong. Remember Sirius? Always”

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