Tours & Torture

Austin goes on a tour around Florida and Ally's birthday is coming up can he get back in time or is this the end of Austin & Ally ( sequel to hospitals & hound dogs)


1. Leaving

Austin: Ally can I talk to you? 

Ally: sure Austin what's up 

Austin: Jimmy asked me to go on a tour around Florida 

Ally: Awesome! How long? 

Austin: two months 

Ally: what! Does it really take that long my birthday is next month 

Austin: Ally I promise I will be back for your birthday 

Ally: I love you so much! 

( they kiss) 

Austin: see ya on your birthday babe love you 

Ally: love you too

(Adam walks in)

Adam: where's Austin going? 

Ally: on a tour he'll be back in 3 weeks for my birthday

Adam: yeah I'm sure he will 

Ally: he will I know it 

(Trish walks in)

Trish: guess who got a job as a mall cop

Adam: Kevin James 

Trish: yes but me too! How do I look 

Ally: like a mall cop 

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