We're All Freaks

Jordan is just a regular ol' guy going up to highschool. But like all fictional stories, he's got crazy powers! Well, not too crazy. His dad has been watching over him, and decided to put Jordan into a school to learn about his powers. In the mysterious boarding school in the middle of no where, Jordan will learn about life, death, and sacrifice.


1. So, This is Highschool?

*Jordan's POV*


I sat in the back of the car, boredly looking out the window. The scenery was pretty nice, lots of trees and bushes, and occasionally, parrots. We were driving through a jungle, I guess. What else would we be in? I sighed heavily, we were driving for almost 2 hours. How far is this "Clockworks High," it sounded more like a place where people made clocks!

"Almost there, pal. Hang in there," Dad said from the front. He took a swig from his water bottle, and took a turn. "Are we there yet? At all?" I asked, slumping in my seat.

He chuckled, "There she is."

Curiously, I looked out the front window. Dad was right. There was a huge maroon-ish building coming into view, it kinda looked like a castle. Reminds me of Harry Potter. 

Then there it was again.

There was a sharp buzzing in my ears when I always got excited, and this one was a big one. Suddenly, the car jolted for a moment, then went on smoothly again. Dad raised an eyebrow, but said nothing and kept going on.

We were approaching the school, passing through tall barb-wired gates. I looked in awe as the huge castle-like building stood right in front of us.

"A beauty, isn't she?" Dad mumbled. I nodded in agreement, I couldn't wait to get out of this car.

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