You got that one thing

Hope and her best friend bianca runaway from home and on the way they meet someone they well never forget and well love forever will bianca finally have a boyfriend that doesn't hurt her? Will hope finally love someone forever? Find out


3. oh no

first we went to my house and first thing lou saw was my dad with a knife

"who are you"dad yelled

"im louis tomlinson from one direction im here for erin"he looked down

"fine im going upstairs to sleep"dad yelled again

"go in now"louis wispered

"ok"i said walking into erin's room

"hope why was louis tomlinson here"erin looked scared louis wasnt her favorite liam was

"i well tell you later do you got your bag"i asked erin

"ya i do i packed my whole room not really"erin started walking out into the livingroom

"lets go"i said running

"hope are we going to get elizabeth"erin asked while walking to one direction's car

"ya dont worry you get to sit by liam"i said and liam heard me

"thanks hope your the best sister ever"erin said hugging me

"your welcome just get in and your wearing your 1D shirt"i said rolling my eyes

"opps thanks for telling me im getting my hoodie"erin said while looking

"guys get in your dad is comeing"louis said

"ok lou"i said running in the car

"erin text elizabeth now"i yelled

"ok i well" erin got her phone out

"i would tell bianca but shes to busy staring at harry"I said laughing


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