Malibu Magic

Ariana, Sunny, and Livy go to visit Malibu for the summer to celebrate their 17th birthday. But one bicycle crash, can lead them to their wildest dreams...


7. Childhood Memories

Livy's POV

We all got ready. Sunny was wearing a flowey, sparkly pink dress with sparkly pink wedges. Jen was wearing a black leather booty skirt, a  purple shirt with gold writing that said, 'Diva' in cursive, and black flats. Ari was wearing black, ripped, booty, jean shorts, a faded, black and white, British jack, loose tank top, a black fedora, and neon purple converse. And I was wearing lime green booty shorts, a black crop top that said, 'OATH' in big, bold, white letters, and white gladiator sandals. We got in the van and there wasn't enough room for Jenna and Ari. Ari went to sit in Niall's lap. 

"Jenna would you like to sit in my lap?" Liam asked. 

"Sure," she said with a smile while going to sit on his lap. We got to whataburger and everybody ordered and sat down. 

"So how did you girls meet?" Zayn asked. This was going to be interesting. 

"Well,"Ari said, "we were 1yr old in daycare and I was the only one who could walk, one day I saw that they couldn't walk so I went over and taught them to walk, their moms saw and they became friends with my mom and each other, they found out we had the same birthday and we've had birthday parties together ever since, and we've been inseparable ever since too." 

"It's true. Ariana has always been the trouble maker of the group and a take charge kinda girl, like the leader of the group, she was born second after Livy. Livy is the one who makes sure we don't get hurt, she keeps us in check and gives us fun things to do, Ari and Livy are the creative ones in the group, Jen is the smart one, I am the goodie two shoes a the baby, and Ari is the trouble maker and the leader. One time we were performing a small ballet recital when we were 12 and during it, Jen tripped and fell and some boys were laughing at us, and while me and Liv checked to see if she was ok, Ari said, 'I'll handle this,' then she jumped off stage, grabbed a piece of paper, and started hitting the boys with it," Sunny said. 

"Ironically enough, the boys were our brothers," Jen said flatly. Then everybody started laughing, "another time we were 6 and we were on a soccer team, by the way that's just Ari's thing now, anyway, Livy went to kick the ball, and she tripped and the other team started laughing at her, so Ari went and took her socks off and started hitting the other team with them. Surprisingly she wasn't called," Jen said.

"Yeah, I'm the mean one, but I'm not physically evil like Ari is." I say, laughing.

"That's my girl!" Harry smiles and wraps his arms around me, giving me a kiss on my cheek. I smile and laugh, setting my hands on his waist. Then the food arrived and everybody dug in. 

"This *chew* is *chew* so *chew* good *chew,*" Sunny said. Then she burped. 

"Oh, that was sexy," Ariana said sarcastically. Then Ariana burped even louder. 

"No," Niall said, "THAT, was sexy," then he kissed her on the nose. She giggled and continued eating. Once we were done we went back to the house and all went to separate rooms. Me and Harry, Ari and Niall, Sunny and Louis, Jenna and Liam, and Zayn invited his girlfriend, Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony, over so they could spend some time together. 

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