Malibu Magic

Ariana, Sunny, and Livy go to visit Malibu for the summer to celebrate their 17th birthday. But one bicycle crash, can lead them to their wildest dreams...


1. Bike Crash

Ariana's POV

OMG!!! Me and my best friends all had the same birthday, June 1, We had all just turned 17 and we were going to spend our whole summer in Malibu! The beach, tans, shopping, hot guys. We had just arrived at the airport when Sunny started screaming. 
"Sunny chill, why are you screaming?" I asked. She shoved her phone in my and Livy's faces. Then we started screaming which caused us to get escorted out of the airport. We waited till we were in the safety of a cab to talk about it. 
"One Direction arriving at LAX tomorrow!!!" Livy shrieked. We were major directioners. But I was by far, the biggest. We got to our hotel, checked in, and went to our room.
"Aaaaahhhh!!!" I screamed, "what time is their flight getting in?" I asked while jumping on mine and Livy's bed, not able to contain my excitement. 
"It says 11:00. So we should get there about 10:45 because this place is filled with directioners." Sunny responded, flopping down on her bed.
"Agreed," Livy said playing on her phone. I mean, ONE FREAKIN DIRECTION!!!!!!! Niall was my favorite because he reminded me of... Me. Simple as that. Don't judge me. Since it was 10:00 we went to sleep and woke up at 10:15 to get ready. 
Once we were done, I was wearing my neon bikini, and some surfer booty shorts, Livy was wearing her neon rainbow bikini, booty jean shorts, and Sunny was wearing her red bikini, booty jean shorts, and a red see through shirt. We got on our bikes and started to the airport. Once we could see the airport, I saw security huddled around the one and only, one direction. I was distracted looking at the boys, so I hit a curb, went flying, and hit the concrete. It sent a shooting pain up my leg and my back. I screamed, then I blacked out. 

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