School Cruel

A boy who got bullied a lot and he decided to commit suicide


1. New to School

Jackson POV 



I never been to a real school before, my 16th birthday is in 2 weeks

i never had any friends but when i go to school ill try to make friends.



(First Time At school)

My mom name is Christi 

shes driving me to school, I'm pretty nervous about my new school, Im at my school now

theres a lot of people 

(Girl) "Eww" your momma wants her clothes back

(Everyone) "Laughs" 

Well that was really mean "Said Jackson" 

(Girl) Well you stink like dog shit

(Everyone) "Rofl!"

(Jackson) "Gasp"

(Bell rings)   

Jacksons POV 

i cant find my class ill go ask one of the teachers (opens a class door randomly) do you know where 243 is? " said jackson

well your in it "says Mis. Trum" Oh sorry i didn't know "said Jackson"  well go find a seat "says Mis. Trum  (Jackson) "sits"

Can i go to  the restroom? "Said Jackson" 

sure "says Ms. Trum"

"Stands up" 

"Goes to bathroom" 

(Guy) Arnt you the guy who got made fun of? Cause ive been there "smiles"

well Yeah "said Jackson" 

(Guy) Just don't listen to them k?

Okay "said Jackson

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