forever *Completed

Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


1. let's go

Hollys pov


'Please Niall, can you just switch seats with me? Please!' I begged since I love the window seats on airplanes. Except Niall took it this time 'No way, you always get the window seat. My turn.' Niall said as i pouted. 'Still not happening chicky.' Niall said while chuckling. I hated when he called ne chicky and he knew it. So the silent treatment was set in. Yeah, we can be such little kids sometimes. 'So Holly, I can't wait for you to meet the boys. Just be careful I don't need them hurting you unintentionaly ' Niall said as I stayed silent. 'Really? This again?' Niall asked as I looked away from him. 'Please talk to me. I love you Holly. Please.' Niall whined as I shook my head. Niall and I always told each other I love you but in a friendly way. He then decided to pull me so my back was on his chest. 'You're making me sad Holly.' Niall whispered as I smiled. I knew where this would go. 'I'll do anything.' Niall said with a sigh knowing I had won. Without saying a word we switched seats while I wore a huge smile on my face. 'Thank you Nialler. I love you.' I said as he chuckled. 'You're just lucky i love you to Holly.' He said with a smile. 'You two are such an adorable couple.' An elderly woman from across the isle said. 'Oh, no. We're just bestfriends.' Niall explained as she nodded. We got so use to hearing that cause we are just like a couple but aren't. I decided to put my earbuds in after we took off and soon I had fallen asleep. ~after landing~ 'Holly, we're here, wake up you lazy bum.' Niall said while shaking me. When I was up we grabbed our bags and walked through the almost empty airport. Early morning arrivals will get you almost empty airports. We were walking until we saw a group of four boys holding a big poster that said: Niall And Holly!!!????!!!! We walked over and I shyly stood back while Niall greeted his friends. 'Guys this is Holly. Holly, this is Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis.' Niall said as I shyly smiled. 'I thought you said she was loud and crazy. Not quiet and stunning.' Harry said as I smiled while blushing. 'You just have to get to know ger before she gets loud.' Niall said before I punched his arm. 'Did I mention feisty and hits hard?' Niall said while rubbing his arm. I smiled a little while surpressing my laughter. I yawned and rubbed my eyes while Harry took notice. 'Guys lets go. She's tired. Liam, Louis, take her bags please.' Harry said as they nodded and grabbed them. 'Come here. I'll carry you to the car.' Harry said as I shook my head. 'Why not?' Harry asked while l looking at me. The others kind of disapeared on us. 'I'm heavy. So its fine I can walk.' I said but Harry shook his head and before I knew it he had lifted me up. 'Like carrying a feather.' Harry whispered to me before walking. We got to the van and got in. I was between Harry and Niall. 'Alright then. Lets go.' Liam said before driving off.

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