Loving him was RED

Two enemies. She's the famous 18 year old singer and he's the regular 20 year old fan. But, they're enemies.
When, both of them gets picked to play the maincharacters in a movie together, things start to change.
What will happen between them? What will happen when their families find out about their relationship if they get together?
It's just another sick, twisted love story after all...


1. Meeting my enemy

As my last song is about to start, a guy that looks 19-20 runs on stage towards me. The guards are about to rescue him, but I shoo them away. The guy hugs me tightly and I hug back, smiling. He pulls away and tucks a red rose in my hair and hands me a small velvet box. 

"I love you and your music and everything you make and everything about you. I'm a huge fan of yours. Thank you for letting me do this. C-Can I kiss your chc-heek?" he rambles on. I grin and nod. The crowd is going aboslutely crazy. He kisses my cheek and before he goes, I kiss his cheek too, causing the audience to shriek even more. Then he quickly runs off stage. Music starts to play and I begin to sing the last song.


I walk backstage and quickly grab my water bottle and chug down the cool water. When I put it down, I'm instantly engulfed in a group hug. I smile and hug back, knowing it's my team. After a moment, they pull away and smile at me.

"That was amazing!" My manager - Indie - squels. I smile.

"Thanks, Indie", I answer. Everyone compliments me and how I was on stage and such. 

When I get home, I take a nice shower and think about the guy. I never got to know his name, but it's not like I'd ever meet him again, right? Yeah, right. But, it's just something about him that gives me shivers. Maybe his bad-ass look? Maybe, I don't know. I shrug it off and take on some clothes; http://www.polyvore.com/comfortable_pjs/set?id=62249272

I throw my hair up in a messy bun and grab the small velvet box he gave me. I open it and inside it is a beautiful necklace. It's really simple, it has just a diamond on it. I smile and take on the necklace. I smile and wink at my reflection in the mirror, then I walk down to the kitchen to make food for myself. No, I don't live alone. I live with my two amazing bff's - Luke and Cassia. I love them to bits. 

"Is that bacon and scrambled eggs I smell?" Luke asks, sniffing. I laugh and nod. 

"Want some?" I ask and turn off the stove.

"Mhm", he answers. 

"Hey, I want some too!" Cassia says as she sits down. I smile and sit down and we all eat. While we eat, Cassia and Luke exchange looks. I sigh and look at both of them.

"What's wrong? You've been exchanging looks ever since I came home", I say. They sigh at the same time and become serious.

"You know that guy who came running on stage?" Cassia asks. I nod and smile.

"His dad...", she trails off.

"His dad is the one who killed your dad", Luke ends. 

"...What?" I ask in disbelief. 

"He's your enemy", they reply in unison. 


Sorry that it's so short! Okay, so I'm new here and my name is Verona. My nickname is Rebel 'cause I'm a rebel. Well, anyway, I hope you liked the first chapter! Oh, and tell me what you think and also, tell me if you want me to publish pictures of the characters? Anyways, bye! Love you all! 

~ Rebel <3


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