Ash and Adams

I felt like writing some romance and this just kinda happened as a result


1. One

A breeze blows softly, rustling the leaves scattered around us. Ash and I sit back to back, leaning against one another, each with a book in our hands. When he had shown up at my door begging me to go with him I’d never imagined that this was what he had in mind.
The pages of the book I’m reading flap slightly in the wind, switching the pages to a chapter I’m not even on yet. I sigh and flip back to the page I had been on, scanning the paragraph until I find my place.
“Want to sigh any louder, Adams?”

I roll my eyes and dig my elbow back, knocking Ash in the side. We both shake slightly as he chuckles to himself and I resist the urge to sigh again.
“You’re meant to be studying.” I say quietly, returning my gaze to the book in my hands.
“So are you.” He replies simply and I can hear the mocking edge to his voice. I smile to myself and shake my head. When he’d shown me the textbook I’d merely stared at him for a moment before pulling my own book out of my bag.
“I don’t have to.” I wave my book behind me so he’ll see it. “I’m not the one failing. I’m only here because you asked me to come.” There’s silence and I lean my head back against his. “Why did you ask me to come? Can’t you revise by yourself?”
I hear a slight rustle of paper as Ash turns the page and for a moment I think he isn’t going to answer. When he does though, his words are so soft that I almost don’t catch them.
“I can it’s just… I like being with you.”

Goosebumps trail up my arms despite the warmth of the weather and I can hear the thump of my heart, louder than it’s ever been before. How am I meant to respond to that? Does he even want a reply?
We settle into an uncomfortable silence, neither of us knowing what to do now. My eyes trail down to the book in my hands but they won’t focus on the words. My thoughts are filled with Ash and no matter what I do to shake them they won’t leave.
I wonder what thoughts are trailing through his mind right now. Does he regret saying what he did? He’d paused halfway through, almost as though he wasn’t sure whether to go through with it. But he had. He’d spoken them with a hesitance and emotion that I would never have believed he was capable of.

My eyes stray up to the light filtering through the tree branches above us. The sun is set low in the sky, signalling the night approaching and I realise that it must be getting quite late. How long have we been here?
Ash shifts slightly and I suddenly become conscious of his bar arm against mine; the heat emanating from his body.
It’s the little things about him that can catch me off guard. Like how the very tips of his hair turn from brown to auburn in the light or the little half smile he does when he’s unsure of something.

“Hey, uh, Adams?”
I start at his words and immediately begin to pick apart his tone. It’s hesitant, just like before he sounds like he’s not really sure if he’s going to go through with them.
My heart is beating the fastest it ever had and I pray silently that he does go through with what he wants to say.
“Stop calling me Adams.” I say and a smile tugs at my lips because I know he’s never going to stop. “What is it?”
There’s silence, long enough for me to start wondering if he’ll ever speak at all. My breaths won’t come evenly. I’m trying to keep as quiet as possible in case he speaks and I miss it.
“Will you go out with me?”

My breath catches in my throat and I have to force myself to breathe steadily. There had been no falter in his voice when he’d spoken. The vulnerability was there just below the surface but he’d said the words easily enough.
He’d asked me out before of course but this time it’s different. There’s no teasing or joking about us growing old together. This time he sounds like he actually means it, like he’s never been so certain of anything in his life.
Ash supports himself on one arm and twists to face me. I meet his cool blue eyes and laugh shakily, searching for some form of mockery in them. But I find nothing. He simply looks as nervous as I feel.

“Well, Adams?” His smile falters slightly as he takes in the expression on my face. “Say something.”
My heart is thumping so hard I’m scared he’ll be able to hear it. I can’t say yes, I can’t speak at all. My mind is going crazy, half of me wanting to get up and run and the other half longing to wrap my arms around him.
The fear in Ash’s eyes seems to melt away and his smile brightens as though he’d heard my thoughts and knows exactly what effect he’s having on me.
I open my mouth to speak but no words came out. He chuckles slightly and I can only watch as he starts to lean in, slowly moving closer and closer. I can tell he’s silently daring me to move away but it’s like he’s already guessed I won’t.

My eyes close just as our lips lightly brush and I breathe him in, my mind bursting with colours as the realization that this is actually happening hits me. I’m kissing Ash Clarke, something I’ve only ever fleetingly allowed myself to believe could actually happen.
He pulls back slightly and I can feel his soft exhale against my lips. I don’t open my eyes because I don’t want to let this moment go. I would be more than happy to stay exactly like this for the rest of my life.
“I’m gonna need an answer on that question, Adams.” He whispers against my lips and reaches up a hand to cup my cheek. I reach up my own hand and place it on top of his, reopening my eyes. A soft smile is stretched across his face because he already knows my answer; he just needs to hear me say it.
“Yes.” The word has barely left my mouth before his lips crush against mine and this time there’s no delicacy; no holding back.
My other hand moves up and my fingers twine around his dark curls; I've wanted to do this for so long.

We pull back slightly but our eyes stay with one another. Each of us breathes heavily, as though we've just run a race. Ash chuckles softly and exhales a deep breath slowly. My cheeks are flushed and I want to drop my gaze because now what am I meant to do? What are we now
“Do you know how long I've wanted to do that?”
I shake my head in answer, not trusting my voice at the moment.
“Too long.” He grins his lazy smile and I feel the corners of my own mouth lift in response.

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