Isn't she's perfect

Jenny who have a prefect life, goes into two troubles in the same day. She tries to kill herself, but a young cutie man came and stopped her. She starts from then to hang out with him. But it turns he is famous, and she think she knows him before.. Could she really have seen Niall before? Will Niall or Louis win over her?


1. Troubles starts

I don't know how this all started. My mom before seconds was hugging me so tight, and my dad pat my head. Now I see my dad and mom divorce... Why should they divorce? We were perfect family, till that day. Tears skip my eyes. I was in the middle of the street, when my mobile buzzed.. Please not my parents..

 It was my boyfriend, jame. I answered the phone, finally someone to talk with." Hi Jenny.." He sounds kind of sad. "Hey buddy!" Tired to not show i was crying... "Well, I think we need to see other people.." I stood there as a frozen statue. Why would her break up from me.. "Umm ok bye" as I closed the phone. Before even reliaze it I was in the middle of the street, and a car was too close. Good, kill myself then stay Alfie. I stood there closing my eyes shut.

 Then someone pushes me, and recused me. I looked at him, he was such a hottie blonde guy. I think I know him, but where, when? "Are u fine?" He asks, with his blue eyes open with sparkles. To not forget also his perfect Irish accent."yeah thanks" I said. He gave me a hand to stand. "Jenny!" My mom comes rushing toward me. She was crying, all cause of me.." I hugged her back." What were you thinking of?!" Asking worriedly.she looked over the guy, then her eyes widened."Niall..." She says, as hugging him. Do she know him? "Jenny do u even remember him?" My mom asks. I shaked my head. Who could he be? And why do I have the feeling to hug him forever


Umm guys would you plz tell me if it is good enough?  It is kind of short am sorry!

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