A Thousand Lives

Lady Ysmay Payne was best friend to the murdered Queen. Now that there is no one else, she has had to step up and take the position. The only way that she will make it to her coronation however, is if she can survive the attacks that come beforehand.


1. Prologue

I looked down at the people who were about to become my subjects and they looked up at me with universal glares written on their faces that would have sent a great leader’s armies running back to the place from which they originated. I had replaced their beloved, prophesied queen and everyone was still devastated about her death let alone my coronation, and they were confused as to how I was going to measure up against her. I hadn't been the popular choice for queen of this country, but I was the only one and this caused them to be reserved about the current situation. I smiled at them and tried to place an ounce of truth behind it but only succeeded in gaining expressions that depicted their mistrust. I made it my promise not to let them down.


Then I turned around again to face away from the judgmental crowds to something far worse.  In front of me was a symbol representing the main god of our region, Camalus. I took one breath in and paused. The thought of a country about to become under my rule was one that I hesitated to think about often.


A priest held aloft the crown for everyone to see, just in case it had been poisoned. It wasn't possible for me to become a great ruler under the shadow in which I had come to the throne in.


I took one last look up at the alter to all of the gods known to our race before I knelt in front of it. It was high above me and looked more imposing than I thought an inanimate object could possibly be. In the centre was a small statue that was what Camalus supposedly look like. To his right stood Adéla, the goddess of fertility and new growth, and to the left, Charles, the fearsome god of war.


My next reaction was to prepare myself to receive the crown on my head. All of my life I had wanted to be free and just when I had managed to achieve that, freedom was being torn harshly away from me.

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