Love Can Exist At 17

17 year old Summer Isaacs doesn't believe in love. Well she did, until Eric. But 21 year old Luke Richards changes all that, as he becomes the love of her life, one catch, they met online. Go through the struggle with her, as she discovers the ups and downs of a long distance relationship.


1. Happy Summer

I pull my raven hair back into a ponytail, and grab my bag. I walk down the stairs, my boots quietly thumping against the stairs. I grab a green apple, my teeth sink into it. Best breakfast in my opinion, an apple and coffee. Black coffee, two sugars. Just how I like it.

I shout my goodbyes to Sarah, and give my dad a quick hug. Opening the front door, and making my way to Jesse's house. I knock loudly on the door, three times like always. Before I'm greeted by a smiley faced Amber. She stands to the side as I walk in and plop down on the dark, leather couch, my shorts riding up my legs. I hear the door off to my left open, as a tired looking Jesse smiles at me "Well good morning Miss Isaacs ." I laugh quietly, and stand up. Pulling my bag onto my shoulders. I follow behind Jesse and wave to Amber as I close the door behind me.The street is quiet, and the sun is shining through the trees.

We walk in silence, but it’s a nice silence. I turn and smile at Jesse, who’s grinning at his phone. “Who’s the lucky guy then Mr Thomas?” I smirk as I speak, and he laughs at me. He shakes his head before going back to his phone. I shove him sideways slightly, “That didn’t answer my question.” He smiles ever so slightly, before speaking “Darrian.” My mouth drops open and I grin at him, “Darrian James? Senior hottie, who is so unfortunately not into girls?” He nods and I chuckle “Boy, you got lucky! He is seriously some hot chiz.” I hear footsteps behind me as an arm is slung over my shoulders, “Who is some hot chiz? Me obviously.” Tori laughs as I shove her arm, “Yeah, because you’re now a he” She giggles and then walks beside me. “Jesse’s getting in with Darrian.” Jesse punches my arm and laughs, “I am not ‘getting in’ with Darrian thank you very much. We’re going out to watch a movie later.” I nod, and whisper to Tori “He’s so getting in with Darrian” as Jesse pushes me of the edge of the pavement.
We turn into the school, and walk in slowly as my phone vibrates. I pull it out of my pocket, and check who it is, Luke. Texting me before school. Awww.


To: Summer
From: Luke
Hey Gorgeous, have a nice day at school. Talk to you later;) -L

I smile at my phone at quickly reply,

To: Luke
From: Summer 
I will, I’ll speak to you at lunch;) –S


I push my phone back into my pocket, just as the bell rings. Far too early for a Monday. I grab my books out of my locker, and walk to my first class, Math. Yay. I spot a seat at the back of the class, I dump my bag onto the floor. I sit down, just as a flood of people come into the room. Including our teacher, Mrs Macy. She thinks I’m stupid, which is funny, because this sounds vain, but I’m really not. I hear the chair next to me move, and look up just in time to see Annie sit next to me. She smiles at me “What’s got you so happy?” I smile at her back, “Luke text me” She grins, she’s the only one who knows about Luke. I think everyone else would find it a little weird that I was talking to a 21 year old guy I met on the internet. And the whole fact, that I think I’m falling for him. Hard.

Luke is one of those irresistible guys, he has dark hair, dark eyes, he’s funny, smart and he cares about me. He makes me feel as though I’m worth something. 1, 216 miles apart, and when he talks to me, it makes me feel as though he’s right there next to me. I think there’s only one thing we disagree on, and that’s football. He’s a Kansas City Chiefs fan, I’m a Jets fan. And yes, I do pay attention to football. He makes me happier than anybody I’ve ever met, well, we haven’t exactly ‘met’ but we talk on a regular basis. And it kills me when we don’t.

Mrs Macy is one of those teachers that thinks you don’t pay attention, “Miss Isaacs, did you listen to a word I just said?” I nod, and speak “Yes Miss.” She somewhat smirks at me, “So what is the answer for question 4?”

“7 over 3, to the power of 4” Her mouth drops open, she really thought she was going to catch me out there. Well I seem to be able to daydream, and do math at the same time. So she never manages to catch me out. She’s being trying for 3 years, she’s never going to get there. Annie smirks at me, “How do you do it?” I smile back, doodling on a small piece of paper. “Do what?”

“Daydream about Lukey Wukey and still have time to make Mrs Macy look like a buffoon.”

“1. She is a complete buffoon, 2. How do you necessarily know I was daydreaming about Luke? and 3. Practice is the key” I wink at her slightly, and then turn back to my work. I finish up about 5 minutes before everybody else, and just play with my pen. The bell rings as I sort my stuff and walk to English.


Lunch time comes around slowly, I walk outside, and sit down on the grass with Annie, Jesse and Tori. I open my bag and grab the salad out of it, and then pull my phone out of my pocket. 3 texts, 1 from Sarah, 1 from Dad and 1 from Luke. I quickly reply to Sarah and Dad, and then open Luke’s.

To: Summer
From: Luke
Text me at lunch, I’m boreeeed. I wanna talk to your beautiful self ;D –L 

I take a bite out of my salad, before showing the text to Annie and quickly reply:

To: Luke
From: Summer
Its lunch time, I have salad. :D –S


Texting Luke goes on for about an hour, before 6th period comes around. I have free period with Jesse and Annie. We go out to the big tree, and sit underneath it, I start playing with my hair, before putting my earphones in. Taylor Swift, my musical obsession (Proud Swifty since 2006!) I start to read through my Facebook feed. Ugh my lord. These people should really go back to English class. I lock my phone, and put it down onto my chest, before closing my eyes. Letting the music blast through my head, Better Than Revenge has to be my favorite Taylor Swift song. I feel someone tap me on the shoulder, and open my eyes. Taking one earphone out, and seeing Jesse. He looks at me weirdly “Why are you so happy?” I smile, “Am I not allowed to be happy now?” He chuckles, “Nah, I’m just saying. Usually you’re pretty pissed on a Monday.”

“Nobody likes Mondays”

“True, but still. You’re freakishly happy, and its scaring me” I smirk at him, “Embrace the happy Summer. This may be all you get for a long time” He laughs before pulling chocolate out of his bag. I frown, “I want some.”

“Nope. You’re vegan, can’t have chocolate.” I whimper, before putting on a pout. He reaches back into his bag before handing me a tray with strawberries and blueberries in it. I smile at him “Thank you, what do I owe you?” He shakes his head, “Don’t worry about it, I got it” I grin and pick up a blueberry before throwing it at him “NIGHTLOCK BITCHES!” Jesse and Annie burst out laughing. I grin and put a strawberry into my mouth, “Nom nom nom.” Annie screws her face up, “Eat with your mouth shut woman!” I carry on chewing with my mouth wide open, before Annie jumps on me. “Close your mouth.” I smirk and open it, before pointing at my mouth. “Jesse, can you get me another strawberry please?” He shakes his head and chuckles, before throwing a strawberry at me. I laugh, and push Annie off me. I pick my phone up, that had fallen on the floor at some point, and see a text message.


To: Summer
From: Luke 
Hey, guess what? –L

To: Luke
From: Summer
What? -S

To: Summer
From: Luke 
I’m bored :P -L


I giggle at my phone and push it back into my pocket, and begin eating the rest of my fruit, enjoying the sun beaming down on me, pulling my hair out of its original ponytail, and letting it fall around my exposed shoulders, leaning back into the tree, enjoying the world around me.

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