More Than This

(Y/N) has always hated One Direction. (Just read along and it will get better soon). You bump into someone. You notice that it's Zayn Malik. You always bump into each other unexpectedly and you get annoyed by his attitude. What will happen?


1. Chapter 1

Your P.O.V.

I was alone in the middle of the night walking home from work.

I accidentally bumped into someone and all my stuff fell on the ground. "I'm so sorry." The guy said as he and I bent down. "It's okay. It wasn't on purpose, anyway." I said as he helped me with my stuff. "Here you go." He said as he gave me the rest of my stuff. We both stood up and looked at each other.

OMFG. Ugh. From all the people around the world who could be here right now helping me, it had to be Zayn Malik. The Bradford bad boy. That's what I heard. "Oh. Hi Zayn." I said as I rolled my eyes. "Hi. And what's your name?" He asked me. "Why should you know my name?" I said in a pissed off voice. "Cause I'm Zayn Malik. Duh." He said trying to be a show-off. "And why should I care if you're Zayn Malik?" I said. "What the hell is your problem? I'm trying to be nice here!" He said being pissed off already. "You're my problem and I don't need you to be nice cause I hate you and I always will. By the way, I also hate One Direction." I said making him more pissed off. "Whatever. I don't need your complaints. Just get the hell out of my face." He said. "I would be glad to get out of your stupid, ugly face." I said as I started walking away from him. Ugh. What a jerk. 


Zayn's P.O.V.

What a bitch. Who does she think I am? What? A playboy? A jerk? Whatever she thinks I am, I don't really care. She just insulted me. God. I just hope I don't see her again.

So I went back to the hotel where the boys and I were staying. As I went in, I saw Louis and Eleanor beside each other cuddling.

I just hope Louis doesn't ask me about my night. "Oh. Hey Zayn. How was your night?" Louis asked me. Shit. Might as well tell him. "Can I talk to you in the bedroom?" I asked. "Okay?" So Louis followed me to the bedroom. "So what do you wanna talk about?" He asked me giving me the looks. "Well, it's about my night..." I started telling him what happened. "She seems nice." Louis said sarcastically. "She thinks that I'm just a normal person who she can just insult." I said. "Well, she said some pretty nice comebacks." Louis said. "Louis! You're suppose to help me. Not make it worse!" I said already freaking out. "Dude, chill! If you ever see her again, just be nice." Louis said as he tried to calm me down. "Be nice? I was being nice to her, but she still acted all-" "Okay. Don't say that. Just try again. And if she acts like that again, just say or do something that will stop her from insulting you." Louis said. "If it works, I'm gonna do something for you in return. If it doesn't, I'm gonna kill you." I said as I pulled his shirt. "Can we not get violent, here? I don't want Eleanor freaking out." Louis said as he held my wrists and placed it away from his shirt. "Fine. If I see her again, I'll try to be nice cause she was pissing me off." I said forming a fist. "Just try. Oh well. Gotta go back to El." Louis said as he opened the door. "I'm gonna sleep. Good night." So Louis left the room and I went to sleep.

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